Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Running and Week 1: Run 1

I am not a runner. Never have been. Never thought I would be!

But, with the help of this program, C25k, I may become one! I am on the website and I have the app for my phone. It gives you the exact work out for each day. You run 3 times a week for 20-30 minutes a time for 9 weeks. The app talks to you and tells you when to walk, when to run, etc. My friend told me about it (check our her blog...she has a precious little boy) and tonight was my first night. It was the perfect amount of challenging. I was stretched but didn't die. I felt accomplished for finishing, but not that it was too easy. I think that this is the perfect start to achieving my goal of running a 5k in honor of my grandma, Yaya!

I am going to be documenting each of my runs on here to hold myself accountable, not because I think that it will be interesting :)

These are the guidelines given/asked from the app.

Week 1 workout: Brisk five-minute warm-up walk. Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes. Five minute cool down walk.

Week 1: Run 1
Distance: 1.6 miles
Walk pace: 3.2-3.5 mph
Run pace: 4.4-4.7 mph
Calories burnt: 150
Terrain: Treadmill

How was your run? During it I felt ok...just the right amount of challenge. Immediately afterward, my ankles hurt so bad that I could barely walk. We will see how the night goes from here.


The Fenner's said...

GREAT job doing Day one!! I don't mean to sound like a know it all, but did you get my other message about shoes? If not let me know and I'll email. Also, since you are going to be doing this on a treadmill, make sure to put the incline at 1. if it is a 0, it's like you are running downhill, and you'll get shinsplits REALLY quickly! Keep it up though, it really gets fun!

The Fenner's said...

The shoe comment was to go get fitted for running shoes! Find a running store, not like dicks or something, they will watch you walk and pick shoes for you! They make a world of a difference and it doesn't cost anything, other than new shoes of course!! But especially running on a treadmill, you don't want to end up hurt and the right shoes will prevent it:)