Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kacie's Run

So, I'm looking at different area race calendars and guess what I found?!!?!?
One called Kacie's Run. For real. No lie.
I mean, I'm pretty sure it's just begging me to run it!
No one ever spells Kacie like that!!! Pretty much, I'll do it just for the shirt. Seriously.

Here's the link for it. It's March 26...may just by my first one! Kacie's Run

Then...I found one for my sister on May 14! It's called Run for Sarah.
This is awesome stuff!

Here's another one that I'm interested in...just so I can keep track.
This might be the one that my sister and I run for Yaya.
Komen Race for the Cure- April 9

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