Monday, May 23, 2011

Maybe I'll post...

Here's what we've been up to lately...all through the lens of the iPhone.

Big boy baths in Mommy and Daddy's tub. He's sitting on a towel so he doesn't slip.

Scootchin all around...especially under the ottoman, which we have dubbed the "baby fort"

I finally remembered to stop and take a picture of Dr. Doctor's office! It makes me giggle every time.

Looking SO big in these clothes!

Some sweet time with Sister. C is sick right now with an ear infection and FIVE, count them F-I-V-E, teeth coming in! Poor punkin!!!

Here's hoping baby feels better in the morning!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

26 and my amazing husband

Today I woke up a year older. It's a weird feeling, too. I mean, I have never though much about my age, but last night I realized that 25 sounds really young and for some reason, 26 sounds pretty old! (now--I KNOW that 26 isn't old...I know...Just let me have my moment.) I think more than anything, having a child has made this age difference thing feel a bit more substantial. But now, onto more important things---

My birthday went something like this:
10:09am- Ross wakes me up with birthday cake pancakes in bed! The baby was napping, I was eating sprinkles in bed and all was right with the world :)

10:25am- Ross gives me my super-duper thoughtful presents. Do you remember how I had asked him for a lap giraffe? (which I later learned is an internet hoax---sad day) Well, he went to SIX stores and finally found me my very own! Before I tell you the next thing, you have to know that I always have cold toes and so I always, always have socks on. Then he said, "Do you remember about 2 or 3 months ago...we were in the study and you were sewing. You said that your feet always got cold when you are sewing because you have to take your socks off because they slipped on the pedal. Well, I got you these socks with little grippers on the bottom! That way your toes won't be cold." So sweet! Finally, he told me that I needed to get out of bed and get ready because I had an appointment for a massage! Yay!!

12:45pm- Ross drops me off at my massage.

1:00-2:00pm- Pure heaven. It was the best massage I have ever had.

2:00pm- We went and ate a fat hamburger. And fries. And it was delicious.

3:00pm- Ross drops me off at Loft and I shoppity-shop while he takes care of a screaming baby. He told me, in no uncertain terms, that I was to enjoy myself and take my time. When I got done, they were sitting in the back of the car beside a pond, playing with toys and baby was a happy camper.

4:00pm- We come home. Baby naps. We lay in back yard and take in the sun.

Evening- Sew/tv/shower/blog. Ross had everything set to make me the dinner of my choice, his special Lemon Pasta, but we were still pretty full from lunch...and maybe some cake...


He is amazing and so very, very thoughtful and
he knows that to me, it really is the thought that counts.

7 (ish) month stats

Well, this post is a little late...Like, 2 weeks late....But better late than never! And, I want to be able to look back and remember this last month, so I am going to post it anyway.

I feel like this month his little personality has really started to show through and this has really made me fall even more in a lot more in love...and I didn't know I could be more in love than I already was! I just can't get enough of him! I count down until he wakes up and then run in there and scoop him up, cover him with sugars and squeeze him a little too tight! I honestly think that no one on the planet has ever loved a child as much as I love Carson. It's truly amazing.

Weight: 20 ish pounds (6 month clothes size)

Height: 30ish inches (18 month clothes size)

Height and weight translation---What the heck?!?! How do I dress this kid? Is there a baby big-n-tall section somewhere?

Teeth: 4 total, 2 top and 2 bottom

Likes: eating vegetables, fruit, cereal and puff snacks, meeting new people (my trips anywhere take a lot longer because he just talks to everybody--i love it), coughing for fun (we think that he as discovered that he can cough on command, so he coughs and then laughs about it), watching cars, watching the trees blow in the wind, watching the yellow school bus drive by, tickles, being loud, talking, playing with daddy, pulling out toys, sitting up and reaching, scooting all over

Dislikes: being cleaned after eating, staying still, laying on his back, shirts going over his head

Mobility: army crawling/scooting everywhere, rolling, sitting, reaching, climbing (eek!), getting on all fours and rocking back and forth

Vocals: he's super loud these days and we hear lots of dadadadadada, yayaya, some b, p and g sounds and lots of vowels. there are also high pitched squeals mixed in with the occasional growl and cough. it's super fun! plus, he's mimicking us- which provides hours of babbling entertainment!

Firsts: first time to say dada and we are definitely going to count this as his first word! c went on his first boat rides this month, helped mommy celebrate my first mother's day, had his first time in a kiddie pool (total failure) and more that i'm sure i'll think of later.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sailboat picture: Before and after

I wanted to make a simple little sailboat picture for the nursery and I didn't want to spend a lot of money.

I found this on clearance for $6.50. The frame and matting were perfect! I definitely couldn't have found such a big frame so cheap anywhere else. I was thrilled!

I cut up some scrapbook paper that I already had, glued it into place and voila!

"S. S. Carson"

Carson loves it! He thinks it looks perfect in his room. Ok, fine...maybe that's me. One day he will appreciate the "art" I made for him...maybe :)

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Birthday

Mother's Birthday---That's what I'm going to start calling my mother's day/birthday celebration which, I'm predicting now, will become an annual mega-holiday. It's awesome!!! So, thanks Carson, for adding another holiday to the calendar for me! Wahoo!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love my family more than anything and that I miss them like crazy...and that I have the world's most amazing husband. Add those three things together and you get this- hubby who takes off of work to drive me 6 hours to spend the weekend with my family! (and a mom/daughter pedi and shopping trip scheduled in there, too!) Talk about the perfect mother's birthday present!

I felt like a spoiled little princess (tiara included) the entire weekend and it was amazing! My mom had decorated the house with banners, my favorite flowers and balloons. Then, she baked me a funfetti cake with white icing, sprinkles (my favorite food) and pink writing! Absolute perfection. To top it all off, the men planned a "dinner cruise" for us on Saturday night at sunset. My brother even drove in from Houston in time to surprise us for the cruise! We had an amazing dinner on the boat, I wore my crown, the boys caught fish and there were tons of laughs. I just wish my sister could have been there....stupid college final exams...

*disclaimer...we took baby's life jacket off for pictures and the water there was only 6 feet deep...and we were really close to don't call cps.

little family birthday pics

birds flying down the river

mom sat on my birthday cake! priceless!!!!! we all laughed SO hard. can you see the butt print???

i think it's safe to say that little one likes the boat

This was definitely one of the most memorable birthdays in a while.

You know how I told you that my sister couldn't come because she is a good student and had to study for finals?
Well, she was bummed. I was bummed. We all were bummed.
So, on our way back to DFW from south TX, we stopped at A&M to surprise her!
(btw---totally not on the way)
We called her when we got in town and asked her if she wanted to do lunch. She kept saying, "are you serious?" We told her to come out of her dorm and there we were!
It was glorious! All I can say is glorious!!!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Let's be friends

Friends. Hmm. For the longest time the word friend scared me. I didn't want to meet new friends. I didn't want to reach my neck out and be vulnerable. I didn't want to open up and be judged. Most of this comes from my own insecurities and past experiences. I feel like I got burned in high school. During my junior and senior years of high school, our class lost a lot of classmates and friends to suicide, drug overdose, car wrecks, etc. After a few, I just refused to let anyone else in because of the fear of losing them. It was scary...terrifying, in fact. I was hurt and my heart was hardened. I was done letting people in. I was just done. The other problem I had was this- I didn't know how to be Christ like and still be friends with "sinners." I refused to drink, cuss, have sex, etc and the only way I knew how to do that was to be totally disconnected from those who had a different lifestyle than I did. In hindsight, this was absolutely, one hundred and a million percent, the wrong way to approach people! I didn't have the compassionate, loving, people oriented spirit that a Christ follower should have. I was a judgmental snob! I totally ruined my witness! I didn't get it. I didn't understand how Jesus was able to be the friend of sinners. I didn't know how to love the sinner and not the sin. I didn't just didn't know how! AND HELLO, I AM A SINNER! I just had different sins and didn't take that into account. Dumb. Now. I look back and think this: doctors don't cure the well, they cure the sick. I was a horrible doctor.

Then, fast forward to college, emotional baggage in hand. I'm in a new place with tons of new, pretty, skinny, cute girls with big boobs and even bigger diamonds. None of which I viewed as potential friends, but rather as people who were judging me. Obviously they weren't. And really, how self centered of me to think that everyone was walking around thinking about me. What a loser! So, instead of making tons of new friends like I should have, I kept my guard up and my insecurities high. I did meet my best friend in college, and a few others, but my life could have been so much richer, had I opened up my heart.

Fast forward again to present day. I have decided to open up. It was/is hard. It was/is scary. It makes me mega nervous. Like, heart racing- short of breath if I think about it too much kind of nervous. But, you know what? It's exhilarating! My life is already so much richer! I have sought after the similarities I have with others, instead of letting our differences dominate my opinions. And, I have learned that the differences are beautiful! If I can get over myself and give others a chance, I find these amazing, truly amazing, jewels of women! I mean, wow! How I have missed out in the past and how much more I am going to get out of the future! I am learning the meaning of fellowship. I am learning to love. I am learning to be ok with the vulnerability of being open. And guess what? They aren't judging me after all! It's incredible! This is the start of a good and very sweet new chapter.

Thank you, Lord, for softening my heart. Thank you for helping me open up to others again. Thank you for showing me how to love. Thank you for helping conquer my fears and make new friends. I know that this is what you have planned for us as believers and for that, I thank you. Thank you also for these new amazing friends that you have placed in my path and for the richness they will add to my life and hopefully I will add to theirs. Thank you.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This is one of those shirts that will never be worn in public, but that we think is so "stinkin" funny! It helps that Ross is a Mac-head.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

no-sama bin laden

this is the first political post i've ever written on here, but i think it's worth documenting my feelings about what happened last night.

i was crafting and watching brothers and sisters. the show was interrupted for a "special report," which i assumed was about the bad weather we were having...much to my surprise, it was a report about the killing on bin laden! i was shocked! (not really happy, definitely not sad...just, heart racing kind of shocked) ross and i stayed glued to the tv until after the president was done speaking. then we discussed our thoughts...a lot.

basically, here's what i think:

-it's an odd feeling to be joyful about the death of another human being

-i am glad that justice was served

-i really hope that this gives some peace to the families of those lost on 9/11

-i also hope that this gives our military a boost of encouragement and unites our country

-i hope this really happened and that it wasn't some giant conspiracy thing...guess i'm just skeptical. many of the media reports didn't add up. the time lines were all different. the dna testing info was all over the place. they buried his body at sea? idk...just skeptical.

-i don't think that his killing will make a big difference. there are tons of others waiting in line to take his place.

-i'm pretty scared, actually. this has, no doubt, further enraged members of al qaeda and i'm just waiting on their revolt.

-and mainly, i just keep thinking about his salvation. as evil as he was, no person deserves to spend eternity in hell. what a difference christ could have made in his life. i am moved to pray for other members of al qaeda that somehow, some way, they will come to know jesus.