Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I am SO sorry

I was so proud of myself for using the Youtube video uploader thing...and it put nasty pictures of girls on the bottom of the video for some reason! I am SO sorry! I have no clue how that happened. Ugh....

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Oh, how times have changed. In high school and college, v-day was a big deal for us. I felt like we somehow had to "prove" our love with lots of gifts and spending lots of money. Looking back, that's pretty stinkin dumb. I mean, really? It should just be about spending quality time with the one you love.

This year, we didn't go out for a fancy dinner. We didn't get presents for each other. We didn't even get cards! Instead, I made us a nice big dinner and got all dressed up. (even put the baby in a "tie") We put the baby to bed early. We lit candles. We drank some prosecco, ok, a lot of prosecco. We laughed and talked about how much more love we have in our lives this year than any other year presents required. And in my book, it doesn't get much sweeter than that. It was, without question, the best Valentine's Day ever.

iced in = craft time

The one good thing about being iced in is having time to craft!
This past week, I made an apron for my brother's girlfriend's birthday. It took two tries.
I didn't like this one...

So, I made this one instead...

I also made a little cake for a family bday party. We always combine birthdays that are close together. This one was for Tracy, Jay and Taylor.
Or, if you're running short on space, Tray, Jay and Tay!

God's Funny

We went to Galveston this weekend to visit family. It. Was. Fab. I'll post pics later.

About 4 hours into our 6 hours trek home, Baby Boy woke up sCrEaMiNg...Like blood curdling, something's wrong, kind of cries. We pulled over to the next gas station and I took him inside to change his diaper. He was still screaming. I'm 99% sure he had gas, so there was really nothing I could do to help the poor little guy.

Anywhoo...Other ladies were going in and out of the bathroom as I change him in the stall. All the while, I'm humming to him, shhhing, saying "You're ok," on and on...Partly to try to calm him down and partly to assure outsiders that I am not in fact torturing my son. (though it sure sounded like it)

Ross was waiting for us outside the bathroom and two ladies walked out past him. One said to the other, "Has saying "you're ok" one million times to a baby EVER fixed anything?" Ross bit his lip and silently asked God for patience so that he didn't go off on this lady. And just then, the rude lady drops her purse on the gas station floor and all of her belongings roll everywhere...just picking up the nasty, filthy germs. Bwahahahaha. We win. Good one, God...That's some funny stuff!

I told Ross that he should have turned to her and said, "Shhhhh...You're ok," after everything spilled.

The whole deal had me thinking about my parenting the remainder of the ride home. Could I have done something better in that situation? Was I doing something wrong? Should I just stand there and not try to comfort my crying, sweet, helpless baby boy? My answer: No. I did exactly what was right for our family in that situation. I am, through and through, a nurturer for my son. If he is hurting, or sad, or hungry, or whatever, I am going to do my darndest to fix it! And, in this situation, that meant to change his diaper and tell him "you're ok" a million times. (so shut up, lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The other thing that it made me consider was my attitude toward other parents. I am not innocent in this at all. I am super judgmental of other parents in public. I mean, I don't tell them anything, but I certainly do think it and talk to Ross about it. I need to step back and realize that every family is different. Different strategies are right for some and not for others. I need not judge. I need to have a soft heart and be compassionate because they too, are probably doing their darndest to fix it.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

4 month stats

This has been a month of many changes. I feel like his brain has started developing at a rapid-fire pace. He wakes up some mornings with new tricks and it is so fun!

4 month highlights-
-Sleeping through the night!!! Way to go C!!! This started at about 3 1/2 months.
-Rolling over...back to tummy, tummy to back, back and forth...all over the place!
-Grabbing everything
-Chewing on everything- especially my hands
-Still loving bath time
-Loves looking at faces
-We are getting into a pretty good nap and bedtime schedule
-I breastfeed about 95% of the time. Formula is mainly for the weekends when Daddy lets me sleep or if we are in town and I get in a bind.
-He now sleeps like a big boy in his crib without a sleep positioner. It makes me so sad to see him so big.
-We sit him in his highchair with us at the dinner table and I love it!
-Baby is in 6 month clothes
-He loves watching other children. He just sits and intently studies their every move. It's so cool to watch because it's like he's trying to figure it all out.
-He likes to smell different foods. I'll let him smell things and it makes his little tongue start licking the air. So cute!

Weight 15 lbs 4 oz (50% percentile)
Length 26.5 inches (90% percentile)
So, basically, he's like his dad---tall and thin!

I wish I would've known...

-If you buy nursing bras before the baby comes, buy them one size bigger than your current size because those puppies are gonna get b-i-g! (sorry Dad...hope you skipped out on reading this post)

-Postpartum hair loss: 3 to 4 months after you deliver, you will lose massive quantities of hair. It's totally normal because you grow lots of hair when you're preggie. You're not
going bald from baby stress.

-There's a possibility that your knuckles will
from still be swollen 4 months after the baby comes. They will go down.

-If you and the hubs are inexplicably cranky, you probably need to
have sex. It'll cure it. (again...sorry Dad)

-Bring a bag of change to the hospital for the vending machine. Everyone, including you, will appreciate it.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow flops

Sunday it was in the 70s...
Ross wore flip flops and shorts.
It's been snowing since Tuesday.
Today, I found these outside.
Only in Texas.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Because we're seeesters!

Have I mentioned before that my sister is my heart and soul?
Maybe just once or twice?

From Etsy

I'm sooooo making one of these for her for Valentine's Day! It'll probably cost like $1.00.
Thrifted frame + one print out = crafting success

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Please, Phil!

How I'm longing for a warm day like this...

Instead, we are having a FREEZING week like this...

and this...
Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow today. Maybe spring will come soon....

But, on the upside, I am getting a lot done.
Not knowing how to drive in the ice and snow does have it's benefits. Right???
*House cleaned.
*Good food cooked. (taco soup and chicken pot pie for which I did not have to purchase a single additional item!)
*Work out videos completed while simultaneously entertaining C. I felt like a big dork.
*Little crafty craft made for baby.

*Birdies in the back yard fed...I felt so sorry for them. They were pecking around in the snow looking for food so, I went and sprinkled bird seed all over the place. It made me happy.

Tomorrow I will do some more crafting, some more cleaning, some more laundry and a few more work out videos. Then, I'll pray (double time) that God heats up the ice so that I can
GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image sources
Spring Pic/Snow Pic

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad {week}

We're having a tough week around here.

Ross is sick...fever, sore throat.
He still has to go to work.
We don't want the baby to get sick, so Ross comes home and stays in our bedroom.
This means double duty for Momma.

The high for the week is like 20.
There is snow and ice on the ground and I don't know how to drive in it.
We are cooped up inside.
DFW is having rolling black-outs. Yay.
Our outside pipes are frozen...even though they are wrapped up tight.

But, on the plus side, we got some more pictures from C's little photo shoot!

This one just melts my heart...over and over and over again. Wow.