Sunday, February 6, 2011

I wish I would've known...

-If you buy nursing bras before the baby comes, buy them one size bigger than your current size because those puppies are gonna get b-i-g! (sorry Dad...hope you skipped out on reading this post)

-Postpartum hair loss: 3 to 4 months after you deliver, you will lose massive quantities of hair. It's totally normal because you grow lots of hair when you're preggie. You're not
going bald from baby stress.

-There's a possibility that your knuckles will
from still be swollen 4 months after the baby comes. They will go down.

-If you and the hubs are inexplicably cranky, you probably need to
have sex. It'll cure it. (again...sorry Dad)

-Bring a bag of change to the hospital for the vending machine. Everyone, including you, will appreciate it.


Jennifer said...

ha haha! #4 made me laugh out loud!! SO true though. :) And 1 year postpartum I am still losing hair like crazy. Clogging the tub rain monthly. It's insane. And the nursing boobies, yeah, those get out of control too! lol! I'm still nursing Paul, but when Josiah weaned, they did go back to their original size, so I am hoping that happens again after Paul is done nursing.

You crack me up!

Christy said...

Yes stress + sex= not so much stress. LOL! And the boob thing? hillarious. Love your blog. :)