Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Week 1

Boot camp week #1- LOST 5 POUNDS!
Monday to Monday.
My goal was to lose 5 lbs in 2 weeks...
I did it in one!
Honestly, I thought I had gained weight....(?)
It feels so good to see the progress, feel the success!
Not to mention being completely remotivated.
Now back to week #2....ouch.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do it like a monkey

The other day at school I was trying to peel a banana at school and I couldn't get it open. One of my students offered to help me. He then proceeded to peel it upside down....According to him, it is how monkeys do it! Haha...You learn something new every day! Be sure to pinch the bottom little thing. It will split and then you can peel it. Here's a visual, just in case.

rAnDoM about ME

1- I cannot sleep without socks…sometimes 2 pair….My toes stay cold 24/7 and I can’t even nap without socks…I put them on immediately when I get home and never walk around barefoot, unless I am outside. Cold feet are so gross!
2- On the topic of sleep….I also can’t sleep without a sound soother. I will wake up the second someone turns it off. I even travel with it.
3- I always rinse out my cup before I use it. Yes, even clean ones straight from the cabinet. I am always afraid that there are some chemicals or something on them from the dishwasher…weird, I know. I also rinse off ice before I use it because if not it tastes like the freezer.
4- I do not really enjoy being outside. I’d much rather be inside, bug free, cooking or crafting. I have been that way my entire life.
5- I’m a city girl---no country for me. If it takes more than 3 minutes to get to a store, count me out.
6- I always scroll to the top of the page before going to another site.
7- Unlike my husband, I see no point in washing my car…it’s only going to get dirty again.
8- Favorite color- PINK! Sparkly pink is even better!!!
9- I am scared of horses.
10- I got a hot pink cast for my 20th birthday! I was so happy because I had never broken a bone before!! Ok---I broke my right wrist ice skating right before finals in college. It was actually a really cool experience.
11- Movie faves- #1 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (ONLY the original will do) and #2 Moulin Rouge….love me some Nicole and Ewan
12- My toenails are always painted….have been for years. I honestly do not remember the last time I saw them uncovered.
13- If it is cold outside I will probably have my windows down, foot heater turned on and music blaring (Ingrid Michaelson most likely…she is my winter music).
14- I pass a llama every day on my way to work. It makes me smile.
15- I love sprinkles…love.
16- I HATE mayo, sausage, olives (sorry Greek heritage), milk and fried chicken on a bone.
17- I have my dream job- teaching. Unless I can craft and bake for a living…..hmmmm……
18- I love lint rollers. I use them all the time and have them stashed everywhere---car, purse, desk drawer, all over the house…One of the best uses for them is to clean lamp shades!
19- My sister is my best friend. When I was 6, I asked Santa Claus for a little sister and I got her 1 year and 4 months later!! Best. Present. Ever.
20- I am legally blind in my left eye (have been since birth) and have no depth perception.
21- My favorite city is Paris…The romance is intoxicating.
22- I am a list person, which probably has something to do with the form of this post. I just love to check of things that I have accomplished….Sometimes I even add something to a list that I have already completed, just to be able to check it off!
23- I prefer cold weather over hot weather any day of the week! I hate being hot!
24- Social commitments scare me. I’m more inverted than extroverted, and 9 times out of 10, I will not be in the mood for a prearranged social commitment….which basically makes me look flakey. I just get scared….Wow…that was hard for me to tell people.
25- Cars put me to sleep. It’s my parents’ fault though. When I was little they would drive me around to get me to stop crying and to go to sleep. Now, I get sleepy after about 15 minutes in a car. Thanks mom.
26- I <3 HGTV
27- Looking for me? Go to Target. I’m probably there.
28- I only open up to the closest of friends. It makes me feel vulnerable and that is probably why so many of my friends are from elementary school.

***Wow...this post was super long. I typed it on my conference period and apparently I had a lot to say.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Boot Camp

Boot camp starts tonight. I'm SO scared/nervous/excited/terrified/not motivated. It is a huge committment...4 nights a week for 4 weeks. Basically, I won't be cooking dinner for 4 weeks, which weirds me out. Poor Ross..... Our leader guy is an ex-marine and current pastor...intersting combo...So basically, he will kick our butts in the name of Jesus...I kinda like that! Anyway, wish me luck! I've got to get this body into shape for a baby!! (no, that doesn't mean I'm preggers, not yet anyway)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A pet what?

Another addition to Tales from the Classroom....

My mom said she used to have a PET bull.

Um....yeah....I'm thinking she meant PIT bull...but who knows?!?!

Bored? Play with Kuler

Check out this cool site. Here's an excerpt from the site that explains.

Explore, create and share color themes
Discover Adobe® Kuler™ — the web-hosted application for generating color themes that can inspire any project. No matter what you're creating, with Kuler you can experiment quickly with color variations and browse thousands of themes from the Kuler community.

You don't have to login, create an account or anything else! Just click and play! Enjoy :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Desperate plea for help

So, as you know, our baby Lexi (9 month old German shepherd) has been showing some aggressive tendencies lately. 99% of the time she is super sweet, but there is that 1%that is unpredictable. (aka: she bit my dad and Ross...not to the point of blood, but not a play bite either) We adopted her from a foster program this past summer and have been back in contact with them about the situation. The lady there is a total *$^%*$&#. She has made me cry several times and is making this the most horrible experience of my life. I am literally sick over the whole thing. I can't even bear to type it all out. Since it is pretty much impossible to get Lexi back into that program (and with how the owner acts, I don't know if we went to put her back there)we are looking for other options. Two things that aren't options: 1- putting her down 2- putting her in a shelter. We truly love, love, love her but cannot risk having a new baby with her unpredictable aggression. I am sick with grief. I don't know what to do. I just keep on hard core, nasty sounding, chesty coughing crying. I feel like we have failed her, gone back on our word and that I am abandoning my child. This is the hardest decision that I have even had to make in my life. Please help.

Do you know of other options? Good places that you can recommend?

Trying new things

One of my New Year's resolutions was to try new things. Over the weekend I tried 2 new things, both of which happen to be foods. I figure, if I never try it, I may spend my whole life not knowing about something that I could potentially love! Anyway, here are the verdicts.

Pickled herring- the most aweful-disguisting-make my body shake and cringe-thing ever. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

Buffalo- quite delicious and mild flavored. I will eat it again if given the chance. It made me think of Native Americans....I mean, this was their main staple food and I'd say they made a good choice!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Today you are 25. It's kinda a big birthday, a whole quarter century! While you were 24 we celebrated our 2 year anniversary, purchased our first home and decided to start trying to have a baby! I'll say it was a pretty big year! I cannot wait to see what number 2-5 has to bring! Instead of giving you birthday spankings, one for each year you are old, I am going to tell you 25 things that I love about you!

1- You love the great outdoors. You have done so much hiking, camping, etc and I love that you have those experiences...even if we don't live in an area that has much to offer for that.
2- Every night you check, and double check that the doors are locked and that the alarm is set. You keep me safe!
3- In the mornings you get me packed up for school, because as you know, I'd forget something.
4- I love when you laugh so hard that your face gets all red and you pinch between your eyes, because Heaven forbid, you shed a tear!!
5- I love that you are tall because it makes me feel small and safe.
6- I love that you help others all of the time.
7- I love that you have the patience to be my family's personal "I.T. guy"
8- I love that you let me have my own craft room in our house!
9- I love that you do dishes, no matter what, and that you kick me out of the kitchen so that you can clean up!
10- I love that you have an internal compass and can figure out how to get places when I am totally, 100% lost.
11- I love that our friends call you "Dad" because you are so smart. It really makes me happy!!
12- I love that we met and started dating in high school and never even broke up once!
13- I love how much thought and effort went in to you proposing to me. I mean, wow.
14- I love that you spoil me sometimes. I never have been one to be swooned by material things, but when you splurge on little sparkly things that I clearly don't need, it makes me feel like a princess.
15- I love that you were a boyscout, and that I now attribute every bit of your outdoors-common sense to it!
16- I love that you are a hard worker, even when your job is not what you love.
17- I love that you make the world's best fried eggs and that I cannot, for the life of me, flip an egg without busting the yolk.
18- Speaking of eggs, I love when you wake me up on Saturday mornings with breakfast made, let me eat and then let me go back to sleep!! L-O-V-E it.
19- I love when you sneak up behind me, wrap your arms around me and nuzzle your head onto my neck and hair. I get chills even thinking about it.
20- I love how you kiss my forehead, ever so gently, when I have a headache and for that moment, all of the pain ceases to exist.
21- I love that you admire babies when we are out. I think it is manly and sexy.
22- I love that when I'm in your arms I am safe.
23- I love that you know everything about computers and all things electronic and have the passion to keep all of ours running....and you like it!
24- I love that you are so patient with me, especially when I have "girl-time" breakdowns. You know that I get upset and say the wrong things, but you are kind enough to understand what I am really trying to say. For that, I am eternally grateful.
25- Hmmmm, this has to be a really good one.....but all I can think about is that I love you because you are you. I love all of your little quirky behaviors, your weird faces that you make when you watch tv or play video games. I love that you still play video games, even though we are supposed to be adults now (I think). I love that you are so kind, patient and loving. I love that you are the man of the house. I love that you are my provider, my solemate, my rock. I love that I can curl up and cry in your arms when I need to (like when we find out each month that we are not preggers). I love that you are willing to drive so far to visit with my family. I love that you make me feel special and still open doors for me...and even get mad if I do it for myself. I love to hear you talk about work or tech things....You are so stinkin smart!! I love that you are ready to start a family. I love that you are willing to let me stay home to be with our babies. I love that you realize why that is the most important thing in the entire world. I love that you are so responsible and prepared. I could go on and on and on and on, but instead, I'm going to curl up on the couch with you and enjoy this bday morning. I love you.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Tales from the classroom

I need to keep record of some of the funny/off things that my kids say. You get the option of reading them, or not...some are quite off color, but straight from the mouths of my *precious* 5th grade students.....Read at your own risk :)

Today we were learning about conserving energy and ways to use less natural resources. I got the typical answers like, "turn off the lights when you leave a room," "carpool with your friends," and "recycle." My favorite though was, "wear a snuggie." right! (kid translation: you can turn the heater down if you wear a snuggie) I love my kids!!

Kids at this age try to use big words to sound smart (actually, that may be all kids) but one girl told me that she was "totally gabberflasted" about something. Hmmm....gabberflasted, huh? She meant "totally flabbergasted."

Off color:
Also, one that I should not post but will anyway....I got a phone call from a parent. Apparently a child had been calling her son a "testicle sucker." read right....Now, try talking to a ten year old and asking him, "Did you call **insert child's name here** a testicle sucker?" SO EMBARRASSING!!! Ugh. Boy was my face red....crap.

One little girl was talking in class about why she doesn't believe in God. (Kacie, bite your tongue, this is public school.) Another little boy pipes up and says, very matter-of-factly, "Well, that's why God made you live in a trailer park." Ummmm.....ouch.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Worse than the Snuggie

This is officially the loneliest, creepiest, weirdest, saddest, most pathetic object that I have ever, ever, ever seen. You can buy your own "Hug Me Pillow" on If you buy it, please don't admit it.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

***New Year's Eve***

The tradition is, gather up friends, go to someone's land (or the beach one time) and blow things up. It has grown each year...bigger explosions, more props, etc. This year we were at a friend's amazing country house in Centerville, TX. It was really great fun seeing friends and laughing at the boys. The guys usually go blow up stuff and play with fire, while the girls try to stay warm and film the mayhem. Here are a few pics that seem to capture the craziness of the night quite well.


I love Christmas so much! I love planning the perfect gifts and then watching as people open them! I'm a gift's what I do. It is my love language, not for myself, but toward other people. If I love you, I will give you things. It may have something to do with being Greek....kinda like food....If I love you, I will feed you, if you are hungry or not :)

Here are some pics from Christmas in Victoria. Growing up we never had Christmas at home....seriously, never. We were always in Louisiana. This is the first Christmas that we have had at my parent's home on Christmas day and I was thrilled. We spent lots of time trying to start new traditions and enjoying family.

Horrible pic, but I'm showing you that Ross got me diamond studs! I LOVE THEM!

Papoo and I have a fake piece of poop that we have been passing back and forth for years and this year I gave it to him as a Christmas present....hence the victory dance I am doing!

Sister's cute socks

Mom and Dad realizing that Ross and I are sending them on a little hill country bed & breakfast get-away weekend! I made a book with a riddle in it that they had to solve! Fun stuff!!

Ross got a headlamp. End of story.

Sibling love

Family PJ pic

I got Papoo a Snuggie....He wanted it....I think it's funny though, because he insists on calling it a "blanket with arm holes" instead of "Snuggie," which he says is too girly.

The Res

1- Drink less Diet Coke.
-------I currently drink wayyyyyy toooooo much and it’s not healthy. Plus, I will have to stop drinking it when I get preggers anyway, so might as well get a head start.

2- Floss my teeth 3 or more times a week.
-------I had my first cavity ever last month. It was not fun and I hope that this resolution will help me avoid that pain in the future.

3- Try new things.
-------I’m a creature of habit. I hate surprises and don’t really thrive on trying new things. My first thing to try….attend a spinning class at the gym! Who knows, I may even like it!

What are you going to try this new year?

Monday, January 4, 2010

--The battle is on--

Not pregnant….month number 2….The battle of logic vs. emotions is on.

Logic: The Lord has the perfect baby already planned for us and that is the only baby that I want! He knows this baby, this future precious child, and is waiting for the perfect timing for him/her to be conceived. There is one perfect sperm that is supposed to meet with the one perfect egg to create our perfect little baby. (Perfect meaning exactly what the Lord has planned, not perfect-perfect) I find peace in figuring this out and meditating on it all day and night. It is all in the Lord’s timing….peace.

Emotions: Ugh. They have me all messed up! I know all of that logical stuff that I already mentioned is true, but then the girly-emotional part starts to play in….This is the hard part. I am sad. We did everything “right” this month. Is something wrong? I know that 2 months is nothing and that I should not get discouraged. I hate that we only have one small window of opportunity per month because that means having to wait again until next month! Why can’t we just be fertile all year long!?!?! On second though….maybe not such a good idea. Here’s the other thing I figured out. As soon as you start, you know you aren’t preggers and this is the time of the month when you are all emotional anyway….bad timing….really, really bad timing…..I can’t handle much during this time anyway…..

So, that’s what is swirling around in my head 24/7 these days. What’s in yours?