Friday, January 8, 2010

Tales from the classroom

I need to keep record of some of the funny/off things that my kids say. You get the option of reading them, or not...some are quite off color, but straight from the mouths of my *precious* 5th grade students.....Read at your own risk :)

Today we were learning about conserving energy and ways to use less natural resources. I got the typical answers like, "turn off the lights when you leave a room," "carpool with your friends," and "recycle." My favorite though was, "wear a snuggie." right! (kid translation: you can turn the heater down if you wear a snuggie) I love my kids!!

Kids at this age try to use big words to sound smart (actually, that may be all kids) but one girl told me that she was "totally gabberflasted" about something. Hmmm....gabberflasted, huh? She meant "totally flabbergasted."

Off color:
Also, one that I should not post but will anyway....I got a phone call from a parent. Apparently a child had been calling her son a "testicle sucker." read right....Now, try talking to a ten year old and asking him, "Did you call **insert child's name here** a testicle sucker?" SO EMBARRASSING!!! Ugh. Boy was my face red....crap.

One little girl was talking in class about why she doesn't believe in God. (Kacie, bite your tongue, this is public school.) Another little boy pipes up and says, very matter-of-factly, "Well, that's why God made you live in a trailer park." Ummmm.....ouch.

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Lacey said...

No way that last one really happend!!! That is so crazy but you can guess that his parents probably teach him about God's blessings :)