Monday, January 18, 2010

Boot Camp

Boot camp starts tonight. I'm SO scared/nervous/excited/terrified/not motivated. It is a huge committment...4 nights a week for 4 weeks. Basically, I won't be cooking dinner for 4 weeks, which weirds me out. Poor Ross..... Our leader guy is an ex-marine and current pastor...intersting combo...So basically, he will kick our butts in the name of Jesus...I kinda like that! Anyway, wish me luck! I've got to get this body into shape for a baby!! (no, that doesn't mean I'm preggers, not yet anyway)


Lacey said...

Ahahahahaha, soooo greaT!!! I am so impressed that you are doing a boot camp! And kinda motivated ;)

Leslie said...

your incredible, there is nothing you don't do.... I gotta get motivated... I really really do.

Christy said...

OK my thought bubble is saying,"better you than me!:) Good luck girly. In the name of Jesus of course. ;)