Monday, January 11, 2010

Desperate plea for help

So, as you know, our baby Lexi (9 month old German shepherd) has been showing some aggressive tendencies lately. 99% of the time she is super sweet, but there is that 1%that is unpredictable. (aka: she bit my dad and Ross...not to the point of blood, but not a play bite either) We adopted her from a foster program this past summer and have been back in contact with them about the situation. The lady there is a total *$^%*$&#. She has made me cry several times and is making this the most horrible experience of my life. I am literally sick over the whole thing. I can't even bear to type it all out. Since it is pretty much impossible to get Lexi back into that program (and with how the owner acts, I don't know if we went to put her back there)we are looking for other options. Two things that aren't options: 1- putting her down 2- putting her in a shelter. We truly love, love, love her but cannot risk having a new baby with her unpredictable aggression. I am sick with grief. I don't know what to do. I just keep on hard core, nasty sounding, chesty coughing crying. I feel like we have failed her, gone back on our word and that I am abandoning my child. This is the hardest decision that I have even had to make in my life. Please help.

Do you know of other options? Good places that you can recommend?


Lacey said...

I'm sorry that that woman is acting like a complete *terrible person* :( But you are making a decision for you and Lexi, it doesn't include you two being together but things will work out perfectly for both.

Chad and Loren Williamson said...

Have you sent an email out to your school staff? I know that my co-workers do that often and then people get the word out to other friends and family.

I'm not sure if you are trying to "sell," or just send to another great home, but usually people will bite at the "free" animals.

This has to be hard on you, but you have to know that you are doing the right thing for your future family.

I'm praying that all things work out the way God intends because it is his will that has to be done!!

Love you girl!