Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Oh yeah- I've got a urinary tract infection. Who knew? The doctor called today to share the news. I didn't even know they were testing for it, but good thing they found it. I'm looking at it from a positive perspective, though. If this is why I have been feeling so crappy, I should feel better once the antibiotics kick in!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

There is hope! {It's called Zofran}

Warning: Read at risk of your own boredom. You'll probably want to skip over it. It's for personal reference about what I did to today because I feel great!

I need to document this for harder times. I got Zofran yesterday for nausea. It's a miracle worker!! It is Tuesday, Feb. 23 at 10:18pm and for the past several hours I HAVE FELT WONDERFUL!! Here's what I did today. Maybe it will give me clues about how to replicate this feeling.

Breakfast: dry Oatmeal Squares- very small amount with Powerade
Snack: umm...I don't think I had a snack during the morning...feeling pretty bad
10:00: Zofran for nausea
10:15: some chicken noodle soup- couldn't finish it...queasy- sipped on a Sprite for the rest of the afternoon
Afternoon: snacked on whole wheat goldfish and drank some water
4:30- HUNGRY! That's a feeling I haven't had in a while! Ate mac-n-cheese :)
5:30-6:30 nap on couch
6:30- Zofran
7:00- HUNGRY AGAIN! Yipee! I wanted Mexican food and was feeling brave! I ate about 1/2 of an enchilada and some rice and beans. I definitely didn't eat as much as pre-preggo me would have, but I'm happy I could eat anything!! We had a good dinner, talked a lot and I still felt good!!! Wow! I even felt up to going grocery shopping with Ross afterward!

Victories of the day: 1) Felt up for covering another teacher's bus duty. 2)Ate a real dinner and felt good! 3) Went grocery shopping! 4) Still feeling good! Praise the Lord!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My sweet husband

I can tell that this whole baby thing is going to work out just great, not because I think I can do it...but because I think that WE can do it. (wow---I sound like a politician) Seriously though, my husband has been the most overwhelmingly supportive person ever, not that I would have expected anything different because he is AMAZING. On our way home from our preggo date on Friday he tells me something like this..."Babe, ya know...if you ever feel like eating again, you just let me know. If you decide that you want something in particular, we'll go get it! And if you want something but don't feel like going to get it, I'll pick it up and we can eat at home. Anything you want..." This was right before he told me he had a song for me and played "All that she wants is another baby" by Ace of Base...classic.

And then there are times like Friday night when I woke up barfing my brains out because apparently the baby isn't too fond of pasta with maranara sauce. Ross bolts out of bed in Super-Hubby mode...Runs for the kitchen, while yelling--"I'll get you a towel" and comes back with a trash bag, newly lined trash can and a .5 seconds....He doesn't even cringe at the site of me hurling up my dinner...he doesn't even back away. He cares for me, feels sorry for me and hates that he can't take away the pain.

And then there are other times like today. I FINALLY feel like I can get out of bed so, I sloooowly get ready. I decide that I can eat 2 chicken strips from Whataburger (delish, btw) and we head to Babies R Us....the mecca of all things baby. While we are driving he tells me something like this..."Babe, ya know...I've decided that through all of this I really want to be subservient to you. I want to be sure that I take care of you. If that means me sitting in the living room while you nap so that I am close enough to hear you call my name, then that's what I will do. And if that means me going to the store to get you medicine and gatorade, then that's what I will do too. I just really want to be sure that I am there for you." Aweeee! Preggo time to tear up now :)

And then, as I sleep all afternoon and down multitudes of Preggie Pops, he does laundry, lots and lots of laundry and lets me sleep because he tells me, "You are growing my baby. GO LAY DOWN!" And I know that it will all be just fine. I love you, Ross...more than the world.


I think that being pregnant is a lot like being 13 years old again. For one, your boobies are doing all sorts of weird things that you didn't ask them to do. Second, I have more pimples now than I did at 13, and that's just not fair. And finally, I have the attitude of a young teenager....whiny, cranky, "you can't tell me what to do" type of thing.....Weird.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Preggo Date

Goes something like this....
After much deliberation about where my stomach could handle going for dinner, we decided on a local little Italian place. We ordered our dinner and I asked for a bite of Ross' chicken picatta...huge mistake. It made me want to puke. I sat there with it in my mouth for quite a while until Ross finally told me to spit it out. Good call...puking was seconds away. On our way home I started popping the Tums and asked Ross to step on the gas so that if I needed to hurl, I could at least be in the comfort of my own bathroom and not a parking lot. Lucky for me I didn't actually throw up. On the way home Ross says, "I have a song for you." He plugs up the iPod and starts to play that Ace of Base song that goes "all that she wants, is another baby..." but he alters the words to go "all that we want, is a little baby..." Isn't that so cute? Anway...when we get home Ross draws me a warm bath (not hot, bc heaven forbid my "core" get too hot) complete with candles. Ahhhh- just what I needed. Then we crawl into bed and watch a movie....with a trash can beside the bed just in case. And good thing....A few hours after falling asleep I woke up and barfed my brains out....Pregnancy is soooo romantic...or not.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

**You have NO idea**

Ok people...I realize that "I have NO idea" what I'm in store for. I realize that lots of you have done this before. I realize that it will be harder (and better) than I have ever, ever imagined. But, could you please refrain from telling me, "you have no idea" or sarcastically, "just wait?" It just doesn't come across nicely. And when I tell you that I know how to do certain things (ie: change diapers, give baths, and feed a baby) please don't laugh at me. And when I tell you that I nannied for 2 under 18 months (Yes..2 under 16 months) please don't dismiss the practice as inapplicable. Practice is practice is practice. I am feeling unprepared enough as it is and don't need this right now. I need encouragement and pats on the back, not laughs and "you have no idea." Thanks.

and ps: "You have no idea" is probably my least favorite phrase in the English language.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Babies for dummies?

I just sent the following email to Leslie and decided that it would probably be prudent to get advice from as many people as possible.

Here's the email:

Man---I'm overwhelmed. I don't know about all of these baby things! Here are some of my questions-

What kind of stroller do you use for normal daily use?

Do you recommend one of those stroller/car seat combos? I think they are calling them travel systems.

Do you need a light weight stroller for other times?

Do you need a cradle for by our bed or can a play pen work? Or do you need both?

Do you think that we should buy nice furniture (like a dresser,etc) for the child to keep for a long time or no?

I had no idea that there were so many types of carseats....convertible, 3 in 1, infant, combination....which one????

Where did you learn about all of this stuff? Are there sites that you would suggest? Something like "Babies for Dummies" would probably be appropriate.

I feel like I'm planning my wedding....1,000,000 decisions that I know nothing about!--only these are way more important!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tales from the classroom....

Today was a funny day. Observe:

1- I had a student bawling her eyes out in the counselor's office because she believes that she is a dragon. She said that dragons really do exist, "It is hard to prove, but they are real. If you believe it you can be one!" We were tring to get her to explain how she was a dragon, ie: what characteristics do you have that qualify you to be a dragon. Another teacher asked her if she had a tail...and she looked to see. (did you not already know?) wow. It was SO hard to keep a straight face during that ordeal.

2- (as I'm eating an orange) Student says "Mrs. Whigham, what if your baby comes out eating an orange?" Um....not exactly how it works.

3- I spun a globe for the kids to show how it spins around its axis. A student raises her hand and asks, "Why don't we spin when you turn the globe?" Ummm....again, not how it works.

Boy ideas

I know I said that I didn't want anything too themey, but these are so cute! The bright blue and green are the colors I want to use. I want the walls to be a variation of the green with a thick blue stripe towards the top of the wall. I really love the first 2.

Not what I expected

I am soooo down...I'm so sad and grumpy and ugh!!! I don't want to get out of bed. I want to sleep all day and not deal with anything. I expected to have little mood swings but, wow! These are intense and there is no "swing" about's constant. This is horrible....worse than I expected. I hear that there is hope during the second can't come soon enough.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Ultrasound #1

We had our first ultrasound today and it was ultra-underwhelming. Apparently we saw a baby....but, I'm not so sure...I'm pretty sure it was a dot. No worries though. We were able to better "date" the pregnancy and will go back in 2 weeks to hear the heart beat! She said that we could come back next week and {maybe} hear a heart beat, or come back the following week and have a much better chance. We opted for option #2.

The most exciting thing about the visit is that we came home with baby's first diaper! I know, I know...not that exciting, but it's the first diaper that we have in the house so it feels more real.

Dear boobs,

I'm not certain that I approve of your alarming rate of current growth. Please refrain from taking any other actions until further notice.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dear hormones,

I'm done with you. I feel like I should be admitted to the loony ward, because at this point I may be bipolar, or heck...even schizophrenic. The only plus side is that you have made my boobs enormous, not that I want them to be touched since they hurt so badly. My day is a constant roller coaster. I feel angry, scared, frustrated, crampy, terrified, aggrevated and annoyed, with intermittent glimmers of excitement and joy that are quickly crushed by the first feelings and crying, lots and lots of crying. I'm not hungry, but if I don't eat I get sick...and if I do eat I get sick...well, crap. Oh yeah...that's another side effect. And poor Ross, he can't seem to catch a break. I really try to be on my best behavior and bite my tongue, but I have NEVER felt like this in my life. We usually spend our days laughing like best friends, but right now all I want to do is scream! (and btw...he has been amazing and I have NO right or reason to be upset with him) It feels like the most intense, long lasting pms ever!!! I wasn't bridezilla, but man am I preg-zilla. Moms out there, please tell me there is hope.


ps: I'm sorry that this is such a gripe fest. It needs to get out.....

Girl ideas

Have I told you that I think it's a girl? I don't know why, but I really, really have this feeling that we will have a daughter first. I've been looking around at bedding and am in love with pink and green paisley or toille for a little girl's room. I don't want it to be a themed room, more just soft-vintagy-shabby chic look.(I think...) I'm cataloging some of the things I find and love, so that I can find them again. I will post boy ideas, too. I have been looking at both ALOT....Why is all of the boy stuff so themey??? I don't want it to be football or airplanes!

What are some good baby stores that you know of for things like bedding?
The one above is in the lead.
I think that this one is too cutesy, not sophisticated.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Name suggestions (from a 5 yr old)

I was talking to my little cousin this weekend and asked her what I should name our baby. Well, here's the verdict. Cousin Jane says if it is a girl we should name her LITTLE MERMAID WEDDING RAINBOW. Wow. Ok. And, if it's a boy we need to name him SEBASTIAN TREE WATER. Hmmm....probably not, but it was quite an amazing conversation!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

We're having a baby!!!!!!

WE ARE PREGNANT!!! WE ARE GOING TO BE PARENTS!!! Ross and I found out last week that we are going to have a baby in October! It's amazing how God works. We had decided to just hand it over...We only want the one baby that He has planned for us, so we stopped stressing about it and then just like that---PREGGERS! We are beyond thrilled...a lot nausous and super happy :)

Yesterday we told my family. I made mugs that said "I love my grandpa/grandma" and "world's best uncle" to tell them. (my sister already knew, because obviously I couldn't hold it in from her. Her gift was a cute koozie that says " hello. my name is auntie.") I told them that I had a little Valentine's gift for them to open. Boy were they surprised! It was amazing....especially watch my brother in the left corner. He's in shock! Here's the video.

I'm sure that the blog will now become a pregnancy, you are warned :)