Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tales from the classroom....

Today was a funny day. Observe:

1- I had a student bawling her eyes out in the counselor's office because she believes that she is a dragon. She said that dragons really do exist, "It is hard to prove, but they are real. If you believe it you can be one!" We were tring to get her to explain how she was a dragon, ie: what characteristics do you have that qualify you to be a dragon. Another teacher asked her if she had a tail...and she looked to see. (did you not already know?) wow. It was SO hard to keep a straight face during that ordeal.

2- (as I'm eating an orange) Student says "Mrs. Whigham, what if your baby comes out eating an orange?" Um....not exactly how it works.

3- I spun a globe for the kids to show how it spins around its axis. A student raises her hand and asks, "Why don't we spin when you turn the globe?" Ummm....again, not how it works.

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