Friday, February 19, 2010

Preggo Date

Goes something like this....
After much deliberation about where my stomach could handle going for dinner, we decided on a local little Italian place. We ordered our dinner and I asked for a bite of Ross' chicken picatta...huge mistake. It made me want to puke. I sat there with it in my mouth for quite a while until Ross finally told me to spit it out. Good call...puking was seconds away. On our way home I started popping the Tums and asked Ross to step on the gas so that if I needed to hurl, I could at least be in the comfort of my own bathroom and not a parking lot. Lucky for me I didn't actually throw up. On the way home Ross says, "I have a song for you." He plugs up the iPod and starts to play that Ace of Base song that goes "all that she wants, is another baby..." but he alters the words to go "all that we want, is a little baby..." Isn't that so cute? Anway...when we get home Ross draws me a warm bath (not hot, bc heaven forbid my "core" get too hot) complete with candles. Ahhhh- just what I needed. Then we crawl into bed and watch a movie....with a trash can beside the bed just in case. And good thing....A few hours after falling asleep I woke up and barfed my brains out....Pregnancy is soooo romantic...or not.

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Lacey said...

I think that it's sexy ;)

Love you!!!!!