Sunday, February 21, 2010

My sweet husband

I can tell that this whole baby thing is going to work out just great, not because I think I can do it...but because I think that WE can do it. (wow---I sound like a politician) Seriously though, my husband has been the most overwhelmingly supportive person ever, not that I would have expected anything different because he is AMAZING. On our way home from our preggo date on Friday he tells me something like this..."Babe, ya know...if you ever feel like eating again, you just let me know. If you decide that you want something in particular, we'll go get it! And if you want something but don't feel like going to get it, I'll pick it up and we can eat at home. Anything you want..." This was right before he told me he had a song for me and played "All that she wants is another baby" by Ace of Base...classic.

And then there are times like Friday night when I woke up barfing my brains out because apparently the baby isn't too fond of pasta with maranara sauce. Ross bolts out of bed in Super-Hubby mode...Runs for the kitchen, while yelling--"I'll get you a towel" and comes back with a trash bag, newly lined trash can and a .5 seconds....He doesn't even cringe at the site of me hurling up my dinner...he doesn't even back away. He cares for me, feels sorry for me and hates that he can't take away the pain.

And then there are other times like today. I FINALLY feel like I can get out of bed so, I sloooowly get ready. I decide that I can eat 2 chicken strips from Whataburger (delish, btw) and we head to Babies R Us....the mecca of all things baby. While we are driving he tells me something like this..."Babe, ya know...I've decided that through all of this I really want to be subservient to you. I want to be sure that I take care of you. If that means me sitting in the living room while you nap so that I am close enough to hear you call my name, then that's what I will do. And if that means me going to the store to get you medicine and gatorade, then that's what I will do too. I just really want to be sure that I am there for you." Aweeee! Preggo time to tear up now :)

And then, as I sleep all afternoon and down multitudes of Preggie Pops, he does laundry, lots and lots of laundry and lets me sleep because he tells me, "You are growing my baby. GO LAY DOWN!" And I know that it will all be just fine. I love you, Ross...more than the world.

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Kimberly Wagner said...

What an amazing husband!