Tuesday, April 26, 2011


so when we were in college, ross and i complained to each other about our roommates...a lot.
we both had some really fabulous roomies, but we also had some that were just plain awful.

i had one who would completely fill the sink with dirty dishes...then move to piling them on the counters...and when the counters filled up, she'd start putting them on the patio! i mean, really?!??!

ross had one who would get out, idk--say lunch meat and mayo or chicken fried steak and gravy-- leave it on the counter over night(s) and then, when it was nice and close to rotten, put it back in the fridge!! sick!

anywhoo- these complaints became super valuable info to remember upon getting married and becoming roomies! we knew each other's pet peeves and could take care to avoid them.

well, i don't think i've done a very good job. you see, i'm kinda messy! my room was super-duper-oldest-child-perfectionist-clean growing up. then i moved to college. somehow between end of sr year and start of college, i decided that i didn't really care to make my bed every day. i didn't mind a few clothes on the back of my chair. a few stacks of paper really didn't bother me! so, my crazy clean and organized room became, well, not. i mean, it was/is never dirty...like with dirt. it's just not tidy and i'm pretty sure it gets on ross' nerves! so, here are the reasons that i think i've become a bad roommate. followed by my *excuse...i mean, reasons :)

-i leave little stacks of crap everywhere i go.
*idk why and i really can't blame this on the baby. it definitely has bc (before carson) roots

-i hang stuff on doorknobs all over the house! (bras, bags, purses, diaper bag, etc)
*the cats can't get into it

-my couponing binder/supplies are always on the living room floor.
*i watch tv while i plan my next big money saving excursion

-i only make the bed if we have company coming over
*and they are really lucky guests

-i leave shoes all over the house and pile them on the closet floor
*there is no reason for this one

-there are, pretty much at all times, 3 stacks of my unfolded clothes in our room/bathroom/closet
*i have to try on 50 million different things before i leave the house at least semi-satisfied

(like the paint splotches on the wall in the bathroom? we are testing out sample colors)

-when i do laundry, i leave stacks of clothes on the couch...for a long time
*mainly, i just can't stand laundry. plus, the baby only lets me get so much done at once

-my car is a total mess
*some of it is baby stuff, but i've always been a messy car kind of gal. it makes me feel cozy. in college, i actually used my trunk as a makeshift storage unit!

-i never can fall asleep at the same time as ross
*i've always been a night owl, but this whole insomnia deal is new

-i fill up his dvr with amazingly girly tv
*he actually won a contest at work the other day because of my tv selection awesomeness! ya, you're welcome!

-i definitely don't clean the floors as much as i should.
*it's kinda pointless. it's just going to get dirty again!

-my craft room is a complete and total disaster 99% of the time.
*i'm always mid-project and cleaning it up/taking it all out takes up lots of valuable time

so, even though ross has never once mentioned any of these rommie sins, i have decided to work on them. well, to try to work on them. i mean, they are important to ross (i think?!?!), and i don't want to be his annoying roommate. that being said, i do know that, despite what i do wrong, i also do a lot of stuff right...like, umm...keeping our son alive and putting dinner on the table! that counts for something, right?!?!?!?

Friday, April 22, 2011


last weekend we went to see ross' parents in albuquerque.
we had an absolutely fabulous time!

on friday, his amazing mother had planned a girl's day for me. we went shopping, had lunch and then she dropped me off at the spa for a facial (my first!), a massage and a pedi! aaahhhh! i was SO relaxed. then, ross picked me up and we went on a hot date! we at ate a super special place called seasons...the same place we went the night we got engaged! great steak, great wine, great creme brulee! AND- his mom watched little man. it was awesome.

on saturday, the boys went out on the motorcycles and drove a whopping 350 miles! i think it's safe to say that they had a good time. they saw an alpaca farm, ate some good food and certainly had quite a few laughs.

sunday was our last full day there. in the morning we went out to the middle of the desert and played with guns. i felt like a total bad a**! it was aaaawwwweeessome. i even got a ricochet wound! (again...total bad a**) then, we headed up the mountain to this quirky little town called madrid. it's pronounced MAD-rid. not mad-RID, like in spain. it was a fabulous place for looking at weird shops, walking around and taking pics!

it was a wonderful, wonderful extended weekend!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

all i want is...

my birthday is in about a month. [to be more precise, it's on may 15...that will give you some time to prepare lavish gifts to send my way] anyway, i've been telling ross for a few weeks now, "add that to my birthday list!" poor guy, here's what's on my list so far.

a llama

a lap giraffe
yes, they are real [look here at the LIVE FEED GIRAFFE CAM!!!! holy moly!!!!!!!]...yes, i want one more than anything...yes, i will ask for one for the rest of my life...yes, i am super obsessed!!!

a pocket goat

a staircase
it doesn't have to lead anywhere. i would just use it to stand a step above ross to kiss him. my tippie-toes get tired and stair kisses are the best ever!

and, the one thing that i actually may receive, a cute new suitcase.

image sources: goat llama
suitcase stairs

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

sister's bday {my favorite holiday!}

My little sister turned the big 1-9 on the 14th! Ya, she's old.
So, in true Kacie style, I threw her quite the party! I mean, her birthday is, after all, my favorite holiday! And, I totally live for this kind of stuff! Truth be told, it's more for me than it is for her.

I sewed up some bday banners...

Sewed a country chic table cloth...

And made THREE, yes 3, birthday cakes! I just couldn't seem to decide on one style.

6 month stats

Blogging has slowly moved to the back burner as baby boy has become much more mobile. I can no longer leave him in one place and expect him to be there when I come back! Eek! Carson isn't quite crawling but he is scooting and rolling all over the place. So, now that he's napping, I can take a sec to update my super neglected online journal!

Weight: 16 lbs 14 oz, 25-50 percentile

Height: 29 inches, literally off the charts for percentile

Teeth: Two bottom ones and two top ones have been trying to come in for a week or so

Mobility: Sitting for about a minute before toppling over, scooting, rolling

Likes: sneezing, dancing to music, playing in the exercauser, petting the kitties (aka: ripping out their fur), rolling, pulling hair, feeling faces, sucking on toes, playing with water, eating, the color red, sucking on his left thumb, toys, holding his own bottle

Dislikes: laying on his back on changing table, keeping socks on

Vocals: we went through a growling faze, high pitched squeals, lots of laughing, no consonant sounds yet...although I pretty much spend my days saying "dada" over and over and over

Firsts: first veggies, first airplane ride (he did great), first out of state trip, first time on the top of a mountain

We have started introducing new veggies to the little man. Unfortunately, after a few days of carrots, he broke out in a rash. We haven't tried them again but have tried sweet potatoes and he really loves them! We will give carrots another go round in a few weeks. He still doesn't seem to tolerate wheat very well. It gives him a belly ache. Again, we will try another time in a few weeks. Next up is squash! Yum, yum!

He has started to really become attached to Ross. At one point recently, Ross had said that he felt like a cactus when he tried to hold Carson....the baby would cry and try to get away. He was feeling really discouraged and it broke our hearts. Well, in the past few weeks, all of that has changed! I am so happy! When Ross comes home, C leans out of my arms and tries with all of his might to get to Daddy! Talk about a warm welcome home! Last night, we were sitting on the couch and the baby moved back and forth between me and Ross for like 30 minutes! It was so cute. It's like he is realizing that he can get lovin' from us both!

*heading to Albuquerque on baby's first plane ride...phone pics are yucky*

Friday, April 8, 2011

Bestie's Etsy

My amazing best friend opened an Etsy shop! Check it out here.
I can personally vouch for the quality and cuteness!

I think I want these pillowcases...

Or these burp cloths...

Or these...

How's a girl supposed to decide?!?!?! So cute!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Excited for carrots!

Giggly pit stop!

Squeals like a girl!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

going home...

I think I have told you that my parents bought a little yellow cabin on the lake.
It's a super fun place to go...out in the country, on the water, land to play on, toys to play with, family all around and lots of laughs!

This trip was full of projects for the men. They built an awesome dock for the little boat and hung a swing for el bambino.

Carson got {and LoVeD} his first outdoor bath.

Baby boy got lots and lots of loving from his aunts, uncle and grandparents.

I went on a scary boat ride with my dad.

Dad bought a big boat!!!

And of course, there was a lot of fishing...and possibly shooting of snakes...ahhh, Texas!


So maybe I gave up blogging for Lent...
Or maybe I chose to go on hiatus like one of my favorite shows, Cougar Town...
Or maybe I've just been in total-mind-paralysis...

Yup. It's definitely the third. We have been doing TONS and I have not felt inspired to write.
At. All.
Hopefully I'm back.

In the last few weeks we have...
-gone to Victoria

-had company twice

-gone to the Dallas Arboretum to see the beautiful tulips

-went to a friend's fabulous baseball party

-Ross went to Albuquerque for my first weekend alone with the baby (and we survived)

-we started going to story time at the library

-I helped throw a MOPS party

-I have done lots of crafting, like these ruffle towels for my sister

-cooked many new dishes

-frequently walked the park with friends

-survived C's first strep throat

-Carson started eating veggies

-planned my sister's birthday party and so much more!

This one makes me laugh. Every time I would open my mouth, he would do the same. I think it looks like he is on a baby roller coaster ride!