Tuesday, April 5, 2011

going home...

I think I have told you that my parents bought a little yellow cabin on the lake.
It's a super fun place to go...out in the country, on the water, land to play on, toys to play with, family all around and lots of laughs!

This trip was full of projects for the men. They built an awesome dock for the little boat and hung a swing for el bambino.

Carson got {and LoVeD} his first outdoor bath.

Baby boy got lots and lots of loving from his aunts, uncle and grandparents.

I went on a scary boat ride with my dad.

Dad bought a big boat!!!

And of course, there was a lot of fishing...and possibly shooting of snakes...ahhh, Texas!

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Jessica said...

That pic of him in the ducky bathtub is soooooo cute. And nice dock, Fellas!!