Thursday, April 21, 2011

all i want is...

my birthday is in about a month. [to be more precise, it's on may 15...that will give you some time to prepare lavish gifts to send my way] anyway, i've been telling ross for a few weeks now, "add that to my birthday list!" poor guy, here's what's on my list so far.

a llama

a lap giraffe
yes, they are real [look here at the LIVE FEED GIRAFFE CAM!!!! holy moly!!!!!!!]...yes, i want one more than anything...yes, i will ask for one for the rest of my life...yes, i am super obsessed!!!

a pocket goat

a staircase
it doesn't have to lead anywhere. i would just use it to stand a step above ross to kiss him. my tippie-toes get tired and stair kisses are the best ever!

and, the one thing that i actually may receive, a cute new suitcase.

image sources: goat llama
suitcase stairs

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Christy said...

Happy early bday! Wow! I think my husband had it easy for my bday last week. LOL! :) Oh and I want a staircase now too! My husband is 6'5"!!