Friday, April 22, 2011


last weekend we went to see ross' parents in albuquerque.
we had an absolutely fabulous time!

on friday, his amazing mother had planned a girl's day for me. we went shopping, had lunch and then she dropped me off at the spa for a facial (my first!), a massage and a pedi! aaahhhh! i was SO relaxed. then, ross picked me up and we went on a hot date! we at ate a super special place called seasons...the same place we went the night we got engaged! great steak, great wine, great creme brulee! AND- his mom watched little man. it was awesome.

on saturday, the boys went out on the motorcycles and drove a whopping 350 miles! i think it's safe to say that they had a good time. they saw an alpaca farm, ate some good food and certainly had quite a few laughs.

sunday was our last full day there. in the morning we went out to the middle of the desert and played with guns. i felt like a total bad a**! it was aaaawwwweeessome. i even got a ricochet wound! ( bad a**) then, we headed up the mountain to this quirky little town called madrid. it's pronounced MAD-rid. not mad-RID, like in spain. it was a fabulous place for looking at weird shops, walking around and taking pics!

it was a wonderful, wonderful extended weekend!


Jaci said...

That all sounds super fun! Not sure if I would like the spa or the shooting better!f

Christy said...

Careful with spa days and dates like that you could have baby #2 on its way. LOL! Glad you had fun. :)

Leslie said...

fun perfect sort of weekends.... so so glad..

hoping little man had the sweetest first Easter..

ohhh and facials.. are straight from Jesus... aren't they.

Tara said...


That is so sweet! We'd love that! Just let me know!