Tuesday, April 26, 2011


so when we were in college, ross and i complained to each other about our roommates...a lot.
we both had some really fabulous roomies, but we also had some that were just plain awful.

i had one who would completely fill the sink with dirty dishes...then move to piling them on the counters...and when the counters filled up, she'd start putting them on the patio! i mean, really?!??!

ross had one who would get out, idk--say lunch meat and mayo or chicken fried steak and gravy-- leave it on the counter over night(s) and then, when it was nice and close to rotten, put it back in the fridge!! sick!

anywhoo- these complaints became super valuable info to remember upon getting married and becoming roomies! we knew each other's pet peeves and could take care to avoid them.

well, i don't think i've done a very good job. you see, i'm kinda messy! my room was super-duper-oldest-child-perfectionist-clean growing up. then i moved to college. somehow between end of sr year and start of college, i decided that i didn't really care to make my bed every day. i didn't mind a few clothes on the back of my chair. a few stacks of paper really didn't bother me! so, my crazy clean and organized room became, well, not. i mean, it was/is never dirty...like with dirt. it's just not tidy and i'm pretty sure it gets on ross' nerves! so, here are the reasons that i think i've become a bad roommate. followed by my *excuse...i mean, reasons :)

-i leave little stacks of crap everywhere i go.
*idk why and i really can't blame this on the baby. it definitely has bc (before carson) roots

-i hang stuff on doorknobs all over the house! (bras, bags, purses, diaper bag, etc)
*the cats can't get into it

-my couponing binder/supplies are always on the living room floor.
*i watch tv while i plan my next big money saving excursion

-i only make the bed if we have company coming over
*and they are really lucky guests

-i leave shoes all over the house and pile them on the closet floor
*there is no reason for this one

-there are, pretty much at all times, 3 stacks of my unfolded clothes in our room/bathroom/closet
*i have to try on 50 million different things before i leave the house at least semi-satisfied

(like the paint splotches on the wall in the bathroom? we are testing out sample colors)

-when i do laundry, i leave stacks of clothes on the couch...for a long time
*mainly, i just can't stand laundry. plus, the baby only lets me get so much done at once

-my car is a total mess
*some of it is baby stuff, but i've always been a messy car kind of gal. it makes me feel cozy. in college, i actually used my trunk as a makeshift storage unit!

-i never can fall asleep at the same time as ross
*i've always been a night owl, but this whole insomnia deal is new

-i fill up his dvr with amazingly girly tv
*he actually won a contest at work the other day because of my tv selection awesomeness! ya, you're welcome!

-i definitely don't clean the floors as much as i should.
*it's kinda pointless. it's just going to get dirty again!

-my craft room is a complete and total disaster 99% of the time.
*i'm always mid-project and cleaning it up/taking it all out takes up lots of valuable time

so, even though ross has never once mentioned any of these rommie sins, i have decided to work on them. well, to try to work on them. i mean, they are important to ross (i think?!?!), and i don't want to be his annoying roommate. that being said, i do know that, despite what i do wrong, i also do a lot of stuff right...like, umm...keeping our son alive and putting dinner on the table! that counts for something, right?!?!?!?


Chris and Lacy said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! It is so fun!

Leslie said...

your cracking me up Kacie... I nodded through most of this.. acknowledging I do a lot of the same.. lucky for us.. we are married to really kind men.. who put up with us! :)