Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Got scraps?

Got scraps? Make this! Today I used up some fabric scraps and a foam ring to make this festive little Christmas wreath. (sorry for the pic...it's from my phone)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Favorite things

Here are a few of our favorite things

Medela bottles are the best. The nipples on them seem to be the easiest for C to use. They are softer than the others we have tried. We have both the glass and plastic ones.Medela BPA Free Breast Milk Bottle Set - 8 oz.

His swing! What a life saver!
Fisher Price Take Along Swing - How Now Brown Cow

These are our favorite things for him to sleep in. They don't have buttons or snaps so they are perfect for those middle of the night diaper changes. There is just an elastic band around the bottom to keep it snug.
Carter's Sleep Gowns (couldn't find a link)

The zippers on these make them so easy to dress him. We love these! We have them in a variety of colors.
Carter's Striped Monkey Cotton Sleep & Play

I love this! It helps me so much when we are shopping. I can hang my clutch and diaper bag from the buggy and free up space for groceries or strap it to the stroller and not have to carry it.
The Mommy Hook

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Baby picture preview!

Over the weekend we flew in our dear friend, and ah-mazing photographer, Leslie to take some super sweet baby/family pictures for us! Here's the sneak peek! Ohhh...I can hardly wait to get the rest! Take a looksie!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Unconditional Love

Sheer frustration but absolute, unconditional love.
The story: Today was one of those hard days, but I learned a lot. It seems that hard nights are always followed by rough days and this was no exception. This morning I wanted to go to MOPS for the first time since he was born. It was a lofty goal, being that it starts at 9 am, but we made it! Side note: MOPS is very difficult for me. Strangers scare me. Meeting new people scares me. Large amounts of people scare me. Trying to start up conversations scares me. Add all of these together and it's basically my worst nightmare. Now, add a new, squirmy, grunting, pooping, loud baby in a quiet room and ta dah!! You get a hard morning. After the awkward small talk over breakfast, the speaker began...and so did Carson. *moan*grunt*fart*squeak*repeat* Now, you'd think that a room full of mothers would be the most understanding place in the world. Or not. So, I took Cars into another room to feed and change him. (and to avoid the glares, I mean, glances from other moms) He was doing better so we tried again. Well, that lasted for all of about 3 minutes. I ended up leaving early and crying in my car. Cool, huh? I mean, way to hold it together, be strong, etc. And...of course, he stops crying and starts being all happy when we get in the car so I set lofty goal #2...Sonic and Target solo with the little man. We got half way through getting a drink and he starts super-fussing again. Ok. I get the point. It's time to go home. We went home, nursed, had lunch and crashed out on the couch. He slept on my chest and let me tell you, it was way better than any speaker at MOPS.

The evaluation: Today I learned that it's ok if my plans change because of my son. He comes first. I was so frustrated with those other moms and was in total "momma bear" mode. I mean I was MAD! As trying as these times are, I am so very, beyond words, in love with Carson. I am truly learning the meaning of unconditional love. He can be spitting up, pooping, screaming and snotting all at the same time and I still can't get mad at him! I think that The Lord gives us patience beyond what we could ever have on our own. He gives us compassion and strength. He gives us love. Carson can be testing me to my absolute limit but then I look at his sweet little face and melt all over again. Not mad. Not frustrated. Not at my wit's end...just smitten. Just a momma loving her baby boy. Just doing the best, the one million percent best, that I can to be the mom that the Lord has prepared me to be. So you know what? Target can wait. MOPS will be there again next time. The dishes can be put away later. For now, my son needs me to lay on the couch and let him sleep on my chest...and that's exactly what we will do.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


me: "ross, what do you want for christmas?"
ross: "nothing. i have a baby!"

Monday, November 15, 2010


Last night I was fixing a bottle for Carson and, of course, I couldn't fix it fast enough to make him happy. He was throwing a royal fit that was, quite honestly, breaking my heart. His screams and wails were painful to hear. It made me think about how terrible it would be to be a mother who couldn't provide food for her baby and who had to listen to those screams knowing that they couldn't be satiated. It was a heartbreaking thought that made me very grateful for what we have, down to the simplest of things like formula and breast milk. Thank you Lord for providing us with food for our baby.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New accessory

Thanks to some wicked-awesome tendinitis,
I now have this new super cute accessory.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dear Santa,

I've been a really good girl this year. Please add these to my Christmas list. Plus, for every pair I get, a child in need will also receive a pair. I think it's a win-win.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Needed: Picture Ideas

Ok creative friends...

This coming weekend, our dear friend Leslie is coming to TX to take family and baby pictures for us! I need creative/cool ideas for those pictures. Thoughts? Please?

First time to church

This morning we took Carson to church for the first time. It was pretty difficult; we ended up in the cry room but hey, we tried. E for effort, right? Here he is modeling his "little man" outfit...what a stud!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

One Month

In the first month, I have learned...

-how to do my hair and makeup in ½ the time
-getting out the door takes way longer…good thing I can get dressed faster
-that someone needs to invent a way to teach babies to change their own diapers
-sleeping for 4 hours in a row is an absolute luxury
-my husband is the best daddy ever
-my son has “momma wants to take a nap” radar
-I have to get out of the house at least once a day to stay sane (even if it's only to Sonic to get a drink)
-it's ok for him to cry while I take a shower or eat. I have to take care of me before I can take care of him.
-Huggies leak. Pampers don't.
-babies can get serious distance on projectile spit-up
-baby-daddy baths are just about the sweetest thing I have ever, ever seen
-I love breastfeeding him. It makes me feel so connected and I love that it makes him happy.
-in the words of Ross..."he goes through more outfit changes than a Madonna concert"
-sneezing while spitting up is not a good combo
-earplugs are life savers
-I have fallen way further in love with my husband
-laying on the couch with Carson on my chest is the best. thing. ever.
-it's amazing how human instincts guide you to care for your children
-if you drive recklessly around us, I'm likely to seriously harm you
-texting and talking while driving is no longer acceptable for us
-there aren't enough ramps for strollers
-not all places have baby changing tables in the bathrooms (but the car works fine)
-his swing is worth its weight in gold
-most stuff can be accomplished with only one hand
-for now, making dinner several times a week is a thing of the past...as is keeping a clean house
-making that dinner and keeping the house clean are not as important as taking care of my baby
-baby shots are way worse than adult shots...and I cry at both
-pictures really bring out circles under the eyes :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mad Cow

Here are pictures of Carson on his first Halloween
There was lots of crying
The costume literally stayed on him for ONE minute
Good thing it only cost us $5
It was worth it
Happy Halloween?