Saturday, November 6, 2010

One Month

In the first month, I have learned...

-how to do my hair and makeup in ½ the time
-getting out the door takes way longer…good thing I can get dressed faster
-that someone needs to invent a way to teach babies to change their own diapers
-sleeping for 4 hours in a row is an absolute luxury
-my husband is the best daddy ever
-my son has “momma wants to take a nap” radar
-I have to get out of the house at least once a day to stay sane (even if it's only to Sonic to get a drink)
-it's ok for him to cry while I take a shower or eat. I have to take care of me before I can take care of him.
-Huggies leak. Pampers don't.
-babies can get serious distance on projectile spit-up
-baby-daddy baths are just about the sweetest thing I have ever, ever seen
-I love breastfeeding him. It makes me feel so connected and I love that it makes him happy.
-in the words of Ross..."he goes through more outfit changes than a Madonna concert"
-sneezing while spitting up is not a good combo
-earplugs are life savers
-I have fallen way further in love with my husband
-laying on the couch with Carson on my chest is the best. thing. ever.
-it's amazing how human instincts guide you to care for your children
-if you drive recklessly around us, I'm likely to seriously harm you
-texting and talking while driving is no longer acceptable for us
-there aren't enough ramps for strollers
-not all places have baby changing tables in the bathrooms (but the car works fine)
-his swing is worth its weight in gold
-most stuff can be accomplished with only one hand
-for now, making dinner several times a week is a thing of the is keeping a clean house
-making that dinner and keeping the house clean are not as important as taking care of my baby
-baby shots are way worse than adult shots...and I cry at both
-pictures really bring out circles under the eyes :)


The Fenner's said...

Every single one of those things is true!!!:) I can't believe he is a month already! Wow.

Kimberly Wagner said...

You are too sweet...definitely teared up while reading your post.

Mitgefühl said...

I love that post! So happy for y'all!