Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I love Christmas so much! I love planning the perfect gifts and then watching as people open them! I'm a gift giver....it's what I do. It is my love language, not for myself, but toward other people. If I love you, I will give you things. It may have something to do with being Greek....kinda like food....If I love you, I will feed you, if you are hungry or not :)

Here are some pics from Christmas in Victoria. Growing up we never had Christmas at home....seriously, never. We were always in Louisiana. This is the first Christmas that we have had at my parent's home on Christmas day and I was thrilled. We spent lots of time trying to start new traditions and enjoying family.

Horrible pic, but I'm showing you that Ross got me diamond studs! I LOVE THEM!

Papoo and I have a fake piece of poop that we have been passing back and forth for years and this year I gave it to him as a Christmas present....hence the victory dance I am doing!

Sister's cute socks

Mom and Dad realizing that Ross and I are sending them on a little hill country bed & breakfast get-away weekend! I made a book with a riddle in it that they had to solve! Fun stuff!!

Ross got a headlamp. End of story.

Sibling love

Family PJ pic

I got Papoo a Snuggie....He wanted it....I think it's funny though, because he insists on calling it a "blanket with arm holes" instead of "Snuggie," which he says is too girly.

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Leslie said...

oh Kacie, love love love these pics, this feeling of family.... questions on the headlamp, but I won't ask! :)

and love the earrings, the parental surprise... seeing your sis's cute socks.... love it... glad your holidays were a blessed one.