Thursday, January 21, 2010

rAnDoM about ME

1- I cannot sleep without socks…sometimes 2 pair….My toes stay cold 24/7 and I can’t even nap without socks…I put them on immediately when I get home and never walk around barefoot, unless I am outside. Cold feet are so gross!
2- On the topic of sleep….I also can’t sleep without a sound soother. I will wake up the second someone turns it off. I even travel with it.
3- I always rinse out my cup before I use it. Yes, even clean ones straight from the cabinet. I am always afraid that there are some chemicals or something on them from the dishwasher…weird, I know. I also rinse off ice before I use it because if not it tastes like the freezer.
4- I do not really enjoy being outside. I’d much rather be inside, bug free, cooking or crafting. I have been that way my entire life.
5- I’m a city girl---no country for me. If it takes more than 3 minutes to get to a store, count me out.
6- I always scroll to the top of the page before going to another site.
7- Unlike my husband, I see no point in washing my car…it’s only going to get dirty again.
8- Favorite color- PINK! Sparkly pink is even better!!!
9- I am scared of horses.
10- I got a hot pink cast for my 20th birthday! I was so happy because I had never broken a bone before!! Ok---I broke my right wrist ice skating right before finals in college. It was actually a really cool experience.
11- Movie faves- #1 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (ONLY the original will do) and #2 Moulin Rouge….love me some Nicole and Ewan
12- My toenails are always painted….have been for years. I honestly do not remember the last time I saw them uncovered.
13- If it is cold outside I will probably have my windows down, foot heater turned on and music blaring (Ingrid Michaelson most likely…she is my winter music).
14- I pass a llama every day on my way to work. It makes me smile.
15- I love sprinkles…love.
16- I HATE mayo, sausage, olives (sorry Greek heritage), milk and fried chicken on a bone.
17- I have my dream job- teaching. Unless I can craft and bake for a living…..hmmmm……
18- I love lint rollers. I use them all the time and have them stashed everywhere---car, purse, desk drawer, all over the house…One of the best uses for them is to clean lamp shades!
19- My sister is my best friend. When I was 6, I asked Santa Claus for a little sister and I got her 1 year and 4 months later!! Best. Present. Ever.
20- I am legally blind in my left eye (have been since birth) and have no depth perception.
21- My favorite city is Paris…The romance is intoxicating.
22- I am a list person, which probably has something to do with the form of this post. I just love to check of things that I have accomplished….Sometimes I even add something to a list that I have already completed, just to be able to check it off!
23- I prefer cold weather over hot weather any day of the week! I hate being hot!
24- Social commitments scare me. I’m more inverted than extroverted, and 9 times out of 10, I will not be in the mood for a prearranged social commitment….which basically makes me look flakey. I just get scared….Wow…that was hard for me to tell people.
25- Cars put me to sleep. It’s my parents’ fault though. When I was little they would drive me around to get me to stop crying and to go to sleep. Now, I get sleepy after about 15 minutes in a car. Thanks mom.
26- I <3 HGTV
27- Looking for me? Go to Target. I’m probably there.
28- I only open up to the closest of friends. It makes me feel vulnerable and that is probably why so many of my friends are from elementary school.

***Wow...this post was super long. I typed it on my conference period and apparently I had a lot to say.


Sarah said...

I hate hate hate chicken on a bone too! probably already knew that...

Christy said...

OK I always have my toes painted, never ever naked. I also will have my sun roof open in the cold with the heater blarring but thats cause I love the bugs and out doors. Sorry the similaritys have to end somewhere. Fun facts about though. :)

Lacey said...

You rinse off your ice?!?! Seriously odd, Kacie ;)

And a funny opposite: I hate socks, I can't ever sleep in them. If I fall asleep in socks, I end up waking up and taking them off.