Monday, May 23, 2011

Maybe I'll post...

Here's what we've been up to lately...all through the lens of the iPhone.

Big boy baths in Mommy and Daddy's tub. He's sitting on a towel so he doesn't slip.

Scootchin all around...especially under the ottoman, which we have dubbed the "baby fort"

I finally remembered to stop and take a picture of Dr. Doctor's office! It makes me giggle every time.

Looking SO big in these clothes!

Some sweet time with Sister. C is sick right now with an ear infection and FIVE, count them F-I-V-E, teeth coming in! Poor punkin!!!

Here's hoping baby feels better in the morning!


Chris and Lacy said...

Poor little man! I had no clue he was sick :(. I hope he is doing better!

Christy said...

Oh hes so big! Love it! And the teeth part is so hard. :( Poor little guy. It only changes but doesnt get better. I just spent 12 months watching my daughter deal with braces and a high rack. Poor kiddo.