Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Birthday

Mother's Birthday---That's what I'm going to start calling my mother's day/birthday celebration which, I'm predicting now, will become an annual mega-holiday. It's awesome!!! So, thanks Carson, for adding another holiday to the calendar for me! Wahoo!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love my family more than anything and that I miss them like crazy...and that I have the world's most amazing husband. Add those three things together and you get this- hubby who takes off of work to drive me 6 hours to spend the weekend with my family! (and a mom/daughter pedi and shopping trip scheduled in there, too!) Talk about the perfect mother's birthday present!

I felt like a spoiled little princess (tiara included) the entire weekend and it was amazing! My mom had decorated the house with banners, my favorite flowers and balloons. Then, she baked me a funfetti cake with white icing, sprinkles (my favorite food) and pink writing! Absolute perfection. To top it all off, the men planned a "dinner cruise" for us on Saturday night at sunset. My brother even drove in from Houston in time to surprise us for the cruise! We had an amazing dinner on the boat, I wore my crown, the boys caught fish and there were tons of laughs. I just wish my sister could have been there....stupid college final exams...

*disclaimer...we took baby's life jacket off for pictures and the water there was only 6 feet deep...and we were really close to don't call cps.

little family birthday pics

birds flying down the river

mom sat on my birthday cake! priceless!!!!! we all laughed SO hard. can you see the butt print???

i think it's safe to say that little one likes the boat

This was definitely one of the most memorable birthdays in a while.

You know how I told you that my sister couldn't come because she is a good student and had to study for finals?
Well, she was bummed. I was bummed. We all were bummed.
So, on our way back to DFW from south TX, we stopped at A&M to surprise her!
(btw---totally not on the way)
We called her when we got in town and asked her if she wanted to do lunch. She kept saying, "are you serious?" We told her to come out of her dorm and there we were!
It was glorious! All I can say is glorious!!!



Jessica said...

That looked like a great weekend! Happy Early Birthday, and Happy Late Mother's Day!

(Picture request for next trip - long shot of the boat. That boat looks niiiiiiiice!)

Lacey said...

That picture of Carson sitting in the boat is amazing! So so cute!