Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy 26th!

This weekend we celebrated Ross' 26th birthday! I planned a day of surprises for him...not all went as planned but we still had a good time.

Ross loves BBQ so, I did lots of research and found this place: Angelo's. It had fabulous reviews, was on Food Network, was #1 on Urbanspoon, etc. It was the best north Texas BBQ we have found. I mean, it was no Goode Company but it was still really good. We'll be back and that says a lot.

The next thing we did was go to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. It was a thoughtful place to go because Ross loves these types of museums. I thought he'd like to show Carson some of his favorite things like dinosaur bones was a total bust. We were really disappointed. Turns out, it's super small and totally geared toward small children. We streeeetched it out and stayed almost an hour but it wasn't good at all. We even left before our scheduled viewing of the planetarium, one of Ross' favorite things ever.

Finally, we went to Sweet Sammies for some dessert! This was FAB! They make these fantastic ice cream sandwiches from homemade cookies and Bluebell ice cream! Can you think of anything better? You pick your cookies and your ice cream flavor...then you sit in complete gluttony and devour every last morsel.

Happy birthday to my wonderful, fabulous, caring, providing, supportive, helpful, loving, handsome, driven, successful, kind husband!

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