Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Carson's First Christmas

For Christmas we went to my parent's house in Victoria. It was ah-mazing! It was so laid back, relaxed and fun! Really, it was the perfect Christmas! Here are some pictures from our time at their little country cabin!

Uncle Stephen was trying to drink egg nog while feeding Carson. He decided that he'd die if all of his sustenance was dependent on bottle feeding.

Where's Carson?

Look carefully at this one...He outgrew the feet on his outfit so we "ghetto rigged" it and cut out the ends. It looks like the froggies are barfing.

My parents just can't get enough of this sweet little boy!

Yowza...It's our first (rough looking) Christmas morning picture!

Here's C, my sister and my Yaya!

I love this!
Yaya and Papoo (Greek for Grandma and Grandpa) loved on the baby the whole time!


Jessica said...

Those pictures are priceless. Otto and I were just oooing and aahing over them. Such a beautiful, loving family all around! Miss y'all.

Leslie said...

sweetness.. pure sweetness. love seeing your whole family, they just adore that little man, no wonder why?

The Fenner's said...

I love that you cut the feet on the sleepers! I almost did that, but then didn't! I think I was even going to do it on the same frog sleeper! Gotta love Carters!:)

Christy said...

Ahhhhh so fun. I love the one of him in the pile of gifts. Oh and the frog feet are to funny. :)