Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Not boots for walking

So, I've been running you know...because I post ramblings about it frequently. And, I love you know...because, well, I'm a girl.So, naturally I've decided that I need new running shoes. For practical purposes only. Right? Qualifications? They must be pink. Not pretty little baby girl pink...but, HOT PINK. And they must be comfy, good running shoes, blah, blah, blah. I've looked several places but haven't found the ones yet but I know they're out there just awaiting on me!


The Fenner's said...

I'm telling you, go to a running store. there is a RunOn in Coppell, and a Fort Worth Running Co, in well, Fort Worth! At least go in there and find out what type of shoe you need. Trust me, you'll notice a difference! They will probably have pink ones!;)

Lacey said...

Umm, LOVE the New Balance sneakers!! I'm proud of you , Kacie! Tell that ankle to cooperate!

Sarah said...

I vote for the second pair! :)