Monday, January 10, 2011

5 O'Clock...aka The Witching Hour

Screams. Cries. Blood curdling shrieks.
Wanna come play at our house?
Every day around 5-ish Carson enters into the witching hour.

I run through the normal solutions.
Clean diaper? Check.
Fed? Check.
Not sleepy? Check.
Still crying? Check.

Why, oh why my baby? Why, oh why?
What it's come down to is this. He's going to cry, even if I sit down and hold him. He's going to scream, even if I do everything I know how. So...I just stick him in his swing, put him in the kitchen and make dinner...with baby cries as my cooking soundtrack. I don't know what else to do!

Did your little ones ever have a certain "melt down" time every day? What did you do to survive? How did you make le bebe feel better? Do you have a solution? PLEASE!

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Christine said...

Ah yes...all three of my kids had that same ear
Piercing cry...all the time. It's a tough age! Have you tried walking him around with him the the bjorn. Or baby Einstein--? My youngest is 7 months and still whining at times. It does get better.