Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thinking outloud

ELIZABETH. If it's a girl her middle name will be Elizabeth, after my sister Sarah Elizabeth, who is my soul mate, best friend, other half. This has been the plan since April 14, 1992...Sarah's birthday. Just thought I'd share the one name idea we have.

Yesterday I had a delightful ice cream date with my best friend, Sarah. We go to this organic frozen yogurt place that it directly in the middle of our houses. It's fabulous! I mix different fruit flavors and top it with berries...wonderfully yummy! And, the best news is that it made the baby move! I guess it was the sugar rush, or maybe it was listening to Aunt Sarah talk, but whatever it was, the baby went crazy! I have only felt it "bump" twice before and those were only seconds long. This was for like 5-10 minutes straight! I was sitting there and a few minutes after I finished my yogurt, the baby starting dancing around in there! I was in pure Heaven. It was the coolest feeling ever!! I can't really describe it but, it felt exactly as you would think. Amazing!! Now I want to go back and eat that ice cream every day so that I can feel the baby!

We have an appointment on Monday to find out the gender of the baby! I really hope (and have been praying) that the baby shows us what it's got! I can't wait to post about what it is!

We had a sono on Wednesday. It was super short, just a 2D check-up. The baby was moving less than the last times, but all looked good. It even waved at us :)

Our first baby shower is coming up and the hostesses have asked us to register. I hadn't really thought much about registering this early but, we started this week! Ross had fun "shooting" everything at Target and we'll hit up Babies'R'Us on Saturday. Ross was so cute when we were registering. I was going "ooooh, that's so cute" and he was safety testing everything. I would ooooh and aaahhhh; he would be sure that it wasn't going to kill the kid. We're a good team. We registered for a ton of stuff and after Monday we can add all of the gender specific stuff. Yeah!

Finally, night before last Ross was walking around the house whistling lullabies. So cute. He's going to be the best daddy.

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Leslie said...

a really sweet post KACIE.. full of wonderfully happy only a couple times in a lifetime sort of moments.. ones you will remember forever.. I bought fabric today... just little peices... Im armed and ready for Monday.. just give the word.... :)