Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let me vent....

**Warning: Nothing about this post is positive. Read at your own risk.**

Ross’ grandma passed away yesterday. It was peaceful, she was a believer and it was for the best. It still sucks. Ross is most upset that his mom is upset. Again, it sucks.

I haven’t been sleeping well. Every time I move, my tummy muscles hurt. When I don’t get sleep, I get cranky…like a 2 year old who missed their nap.

I was supposed to have the day off today. We have an ultrasound appointment this afternoon and I have lots of unused sick days left, so I was going to relax and sleep. I changed all of my plans because the news crew was supposed to come film my class today for a project that they have been working on. Well, they cancelled this morning and I’m here with 77 super bummed out kids, thinking about how I could still be asleep.

Our school is in total outrage. Our principal has lost all sight of what is good and right for the school. He’s out of touch and forgotten that we are professionals and love our kids. He has forgotten that we do everything in our power to protect, nurture and teach them. I have never seen moral so low. I have never seen so many angry, truly outraged teachers. People are yelling, slamming doors and are madder than I’ve ever seen. It makes me want to cash in all of my sick days and say, “See ya!” We are not appreciated at all. We did AMAZINGLY well on TAKS and have not even received so much as a “good job” email from him. Not to mention that he completely overlooked Teacher Appreciation Week a few weeks ago. It wasn’t’ mentioned on the announcements, through email, put on the marquee, NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING. What kind of message does that send to your staff? Well, I’ll just say that I can’t even explain how low morale is….I can’t even come close.

My parents had a rough week. On Monday, my mom’s new assistant started. She was running an errand for my mom, driving my mom’s car and she wrecked it. She was totally at fault and had not driven the route that my mom had told her to, and she badly wrecked the car. My parents have to pay for it, too. It will be filed on their insurance. Also, on the same day, my parents were set to close on their new lake house. They were at the title company signing papers, when they realized that the bank had forgotten to add the “Jr.” to my dad’s name on all of the paper work. There was no quick fix and they weren’t able to close. They will try again later this week. Bum deal.

I’m a hormonal mess. I haven’t really felt this way that much but this week has been bad. I feel like I have PMS on steroids and it won’t go away. I’m cranky, crabby, short tempered, snappy, weepy, tired, etc….It sucks.

The kids have lost it. There may still be over a week of school left but they have already quit. Their behavior is out of control. They are done and so are the teachers. It makes it very difficult to get anything accomplished. I’m going to have kids fail this grading period because they refuse to turn in missing work. Well, that is their decision. I can teach and teach and teach, but if they don’t turn in their work, they are going to suffer the consequences of failing grades, as it should be.

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Tara said...

Kacie...sorry to hear your having a rough week...and that's awful about your principal...and I am totally with you about school and the kids. We are all done..and LISD in in school till the 10th!!! Crazy huh! It'll get better! Oh and take tomorrow off!