Thursday, May 6, 2010

Streeeeetch Marks

Tonight went like this.

Ross: Babe, what are those?
Me: (hanging my head) Stretch marks...from the baby....thanks for noticing :(
Ross: Well, we should stay on top of those. I've read about them in my book. I think you are supposed to use vitamin E oil. (of course said out of complete love and innocence)
Me: Yeah, you're right. (dying a little inside)

I know he has no clue that stretch marks are a sensitive subject for those who are preggo, and it doesn't help that I am super emotional, but ugh....Yes, I have 3 stretch marks on the side of my hip. Thanks for noticing.

**Edit: Ross calls me into the bedroom shortly after this conversation and humbly apologizes. He was deeply sorry. He honestly didn't know what the marks were and he was concerned that I had hurt myself. He was trying to look out for me and really, it was sweet. I'm just a hormonal wreck and didn't take it well.

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