Thursday, May 27, 2010

BIG update

Yesterday we went in for our 20 week check up. Here's what we learned.

-We are actually 21 weeks.
-He's a BIG baby. (Thanks, Ross.)
-Most babies are about 9 ounces at 20 weeks....he's 13.
-Dr M says that he'll be over 8 lbs.
-He's definitely a doubt.
-The due date has been moved from Oct. 17 to Oct. 6. This is great with me! The sooner the better.
-We are measuring about a week ahead.
-Dr M thinks we will most likely induce to lessen the chance of emergency c-section.
-I have gained 5 lbs. She'd like to see 10-15 by now. I think 5 is plenty.
-We will begin discussing labor options at our 36 week appointment.
-His brain and all other organs are working great.
-He has big feet.
-All size measurements were in the upper 90 percentile for his age. Crap.
-He has long legs, good for playing soccer...of course!!
-He's really stinkin' cute!!! I'll post pictures later but, we saw his cute little face, lips, nose....oh goodness...he's precious. From what I can see, he has Ross' nose and my lips.
-Did I mention that he's a big baby???? Scary!

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