Sunday, May 16, 2010

My birthday cake!!!

We celebrated my birthday on Friday night with my best friend, Sarah and her hubby Danny (Ross' racquetball partner in crime). We went out for a really nice dinner and then went back to their house where she surprised me with the cutest birthday cake ever and presents that she bought last summer and has been saving! She's super thoughtful, in case you couldn't tell. Here are a few pictures of the night and the cake! SO CUTE! And, I think that she's officially started a tradition because this makes 2 years in a row that she's made me a cake! LOVE YOU SARAH!!!


Christy said...

Oh that is the cutest bday cake ever! So sweet. Ahhh and a boy? How fun is that!!! Congrats and happy late mothers day. Sorry I've been out of blog land since the trip.;)

Sarah said...

Glad you liked it!! More importantly, glad we got to celebrate your birthday with you guys! Love you! xo