Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A grateful {heart}

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how blessed we are, how truly lucky we are to be in such a good place. I was telling this to Ross last night and he said, “Well, tell me why babe.” Here’s what I said, with a few more things that I’ve thought of since then.

-We laugh! All. The. Time.
-We tease each other and have fun!
-We don’t argue, like ever. We talk things out before it reaches the argument stage. I mean, we have argued a few times in our 8 year relationship, but I could count the times on one hand.
-We love each other tons and tons.
-We both have the same ideas about how to raise our children.
-We are both thrilled to be having a child.
-This child is a gift from God and we are more than happy.
-We want this child! He was not an accident; he was a part of God’s plan. (I’m still scared though )
-I get to stay home and take care of my baby! My entire life I have known that I am supposed to stay home and raise my children. I know that I am following God’s will for my life and he will provide!
-God is providing! It’s amazing. We decided that I would stay home and take care of our baby and boom, Ross’ check starting getting bigger and bigger. God is telling us that it’s ok. He will provide for us going down to one income because we are following His will. We are in the process of learning how to be better stewards of God’s money.
-We have a home. We have a really nice first home that will have room for baby! I feel safe and comfortable there.
-We have a baby-and-mommy-safe new car that is awesome! I feel confident that baby will be safe and I feel comfortable driving it, which is a good thing because of my vision issues.
-Baby is being prayed for by so many people.
-Baby is already so loved by us (more than words) and by so many others!
-Ross and I have discussed how our love for each other is the most important thing, and that with that love, we will be able to nurture and care for our child. We have to focus on our love before we can successfully transfer that love to our children.
-Ross and I are a team! We are in this together. We have already started talking about how our kids won’t be allowed to ask one of us for something and then go to the other if they didn’t like the first answer. Nope! “Whatever your dad/mom told you is the law of the land! And, now you are in trouble for asking me after he/she said no!” This is something that both of our parents taught us and they were so right! We have to be a united front and show our children that we are one.
-Our relationship is amazing. I’ve been noticing lately how much we are servants to each other. At our house you will hear, “Is there anything I can get you babe?” several, several times a day and it’s a beautiful thing. We both really work to serve each other and for that I am grateful.
-Our families and friends are amazing. They are so supportive, helpful, caring, understanding, accommodating, loving, etc. etc. etc. They are also very excited about the baby and will be super willing to help once he comes along!
-Our health. For one, I’m grateful that I’m no longer nauseous 24/7 but, just in general, we are very healthy. This lets us work and have fun, so we are very thankful.
-My cats! I know; I sound like a crazy person but, my sweet baby Riley lights up my world! She’s my baby! Berkley is wonderful too but, he’s more of Ross’ cat. Riley is mine. She follows me everywhere, talks to me all day, sleeps with me at night, gives me sweet sugars, and just makes me feel needed. I love, love, love her! (Probably an unhealthy amount)

I’m certain that I’m missing a million things to be grateful for, but these are what come to mind right now. What are you thankful for?

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