Thursday, July 30, 2009

***Pretty in Pink***

So I learned how to quilt this past weekend. Today I started my own! It's pink, pretty and girly....just my style. Today I got the strips sewn and the squares cut. I have not started to sew the squares together yet. I wanted to spend some time with Ross and I'll continue tomorrow and this weekend. I laid it out so that I could look at it and see how big it would, I am waaaay to impatient to wait to see it!! Here's a peek.


Leslie said...

well I started with 12 1/2 yards and mine is huge, it looks like this is a great size...

for the binding though get a whole yard.

Is that what your asking..
ohhh and for the quilt back, I bought 4 yards, and then used the scraps to make a strip down it to combine them.

Leslie said...

btw.. its gorgeous, I forgot that part..
Love this.. and I got the same way I cut, and had all my blocks in 1 day.
and did the top in 2 days..

now its sat. Im totally intimidated to quilt that much