Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Toys!

Ross and I have both recently gotten new "toys" from his parents. He got a fancy schmanzy grill and I got a sewing machine!! It is no doubt his new pride and joy. His mom is here right now and we will be spending some time learning how to work my new sewing machine. It's much more advanced than the one I learned on, so we shall see!!

This is a pic of my Brother: Project Runway Sewing Machine

This is a pic of Ross' TEC Sterling G2000 FR 2-Burner Infared Gas Grill


Leslie said...

fun exciting..
how funny.
Nick got a grill for Christmas, I got a sewing machine...

these two must go hand in hand. Im so excited for you to be sewing away too, watch out its addictive! Especially the combo of sewing/blogs.

Lacey said...

Ooooh, so FUN!!!