Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ross' cousin introduced me to this site and I think it's better than average. After you check it out, I will almost guarantee you that you will start thinking of your life in MLIA format. Thanks Sara!

These are entries from my life that I thought could be on the site.
-Last night, as I was going to sleep, my hand fell off the side of the bed. I quickly retracted it because I was afraid that something would eat it. MLIA

-Yesterday we were watching the Home Run Derby. Every time they mentioned Albert Pujols I giggled and thought...poor guy. His name is Poo-Holes. MLIA

-The other day I saw a McDonald's sign with a terrible mistake on it. It read, "Try our ANUS (not angus) Pounder." I thought to my self, "no thanks." MLIA

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Sara said...

I know, right? These are so funny and remind me that even the simple, mundane things can be hilarious. :)