Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh- what a day.

I had to drop Lexi off at the kennel this morning for the first time. She was not a happy camper. Either was I. I will seriously miss her this weekend. I got her the upgraded spoiled puppy package though...don't tell Ross :)

Then I went to have lunch with Ross! It was quite a treat b/c his office is far from home, but it's the summer so I have time to do stuff like that! We ate at this little home cooking place and I got chicken 'n dumplins...a childhood fave.

Now- here's the goober moment of the day. We have been having serious problems with our mail, so I was writing a kind little note to leave in our mailbox. As I was writing it I heard her pull up outside! OH NO! So I started running to catch her. She didn't see me, so I had to keep running (in my jeans, nice shirt and flip flops). She still didn't see me flailing my arms or anything! A guy down the street saw me so he cowboy-whistled and she finally stopped. After all of that she informed me that she would have been coming back to our end of the street in just a few minutes....well crap. Oh- btw...did I mention that it is 103 degrees out?

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