Monday, July 13, 2009

Pet Peeves

When people speak/type using incorrect English, it really bugs me. Can you tell that I teach English?

My main pet peeves are as follows:
-Misuse of is and are
-Misuse of their, there and they're
-Misuse of were, we're and where
-Misuse of your and you're

UGH---Let me make a broad attempt at correcting these.
-You use IS when you are talking about something is singular. (ex: It IS pretty.)
-You use ARE when you are talking about something plural. (ex: They ARE funny.)

-There refers to a place. (ex: Are we going THERE for dinner?)
-Their refers to ownership. (ex: Is that THEIR dog?)
-They're literally means they are. (ex: THEY'RE going to the store.)

-Were is past tense of being. (ex: WERE you happy?)
-We're literally means WE ARE. (ex: WE'RE going to the beach.)
-Where is a place and has nothing to do with were and we're. (ex: WHERE are we going?)

-Your refers to ownership. (ex: Is this YOUR puppy?)
-You're literally means you are. (ex: YOU'RE going to the party.)

Ok- I have done my part to contribute to society today. Please do YOUR part as well.


Leslie said...

my blog must drive you bonkers.

I type fast... hit publish.

but thank you for this public service announcement Mrs. Whigham.. :)

Diana said...

I linked to your blog throught Leslie's, and I completely agree! I also teach English (high school), and while I can look past the occasional typo, I too have many of the same pet peeves. I would also add its/it's, too/to, and then/than. Thanks for doing your part!

That Pink Girl said...

YES! Thank you for the PSA! It REALLY bothers me when it is on a site or publication that should know better. Gah!