Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh my ouchie ouchie

So yesterday I met with my trainer for the first time and was up all last night with major arm pains. I'm pretty sure he killed my right arm completely. It is so bad that I can't even pump soap with that arm! Yikes! Today I was supposed to meet with him to do lower body, but I skipped that session and just went on my own. I figure that I wouldn't be able to move any part of my body if I went....I think I can only afford to have 1/2 of a non-working body....I'll reschedule for next week on a day that I won't be needing my legs. Maybe I can knit or something after that?!?! We went over to some sweet friend's house tonight for dinner and had amazing pizza (so much for the work out) but learned about some stuff for our dog and a new pizza place! Tomorrow I will rest my body and take lots of Advil.

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