Friday, July 17, 2009

K loves R

So I really, really love my husband.

For one, he is currently letting/helping me repaint the kitchen a different shade of green....we just painted it a few weeks ago and I decided it wasn't the right color...what an amazingly patient man. (that's what this pic is from...I was testing paint samples on the wall)

Second- he just took me on a date! We laughed a lot.

He is so really clever smart...I always call him a boyscout when he does something smart...for example: we were car camping on the beach one time and my smart husband turned the car in the right direction so that the wind blew through the windows all night like a fan! Everyone who had to sleep in the tent was really jealous.

He is also smart about computers, tv's, wires...basically all things electronic.It's stinkin awesome. It blows my mind sometimes b/c he will hook up a network or make my computer be able to print from the living room or make it where I can get to the music on his computer in the other room....I'm always amazed.

I love when he laughs. It delights my heart. I really love it when he laughs so hard that his face squishes up and he has to pinch his nose in between his eyes...I think it is in attempt to not cry?!?!?!

I also love that he is so thoughtful. He is a lot like my dad. (which I LOVE) One sweet example that he and my dad both do (and don't know that they both do) is pick out their socks in the morning using a flash light so that I don't wake up! My dad has done that for my mom for my whole life! It's so so sweet.

I also love that he is so supportive. For example...I went to Texas A&M and earned a pretty prestigious business degree. yeah me...only I decided that was not what I wanted to do with my life....I wanted to be a teacher. So the first year of our marriage Ross let me get my teaching certification while he worked his rear off. I substitute taught every-so-often, but spent most of my time working on my certificate. He was so supportive and wanted me to be happy and to do what I thought the Lord wanted for my life. Amazing...flat amazing.

I also love that he and I have discussions, not arguments. It's awesome. We can be totally honest and listen to each other. We don't have to fight about it because we listen...he listens. Now, we may have to think about our responses before the convo finishes, but he listens to all of my concerns and really cares.

Ok- that's enough for now. There are tons of other reasons, but I will leave them for a different post. I'm going to go cuddle with my husband.

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That Pink Girl said...

Good for you and your sweet Hubs. What a wonderful blessing a true partner is!