Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Haha----made ya look!!

Putting the last post completely to the side....

Ross and I have a friendly little bet going on about the gender of the baby. It goes something like this. I bet it's a girl. He bets it's a boy.

If I win....He has to take me to the chick flick of my choice, which isn't that different from normal. The thing that makes it soooo good is that he has to sit on the edge of his chair leaning toward the screen and look at me every few minutes and say in a dreamy voice, "wow....this is the best movie I have ever seen!" And then take me to get a pedicure :) Just the thought of it makes me giggle.

On the other hand....If I lose the bet, I will be in total h.e.l.l.
I will have to watch the entire first 3 movies of Star Wars...like, the old ones...all 3 of them...for hours and hours and hours and hours.....and pretend to like it. Well, crap.

It's a realllly good wager!


Leslie said...

3 movies for one... woah now.. thats steep....

and this is the cutest thing I ever heard. I almost called... I just wanted to hear your soon to be mamma voice on the other end.

Kimberly Wagner said...

hahaha! I love the bet. I hope it's a girl just so I can read the post about the movie and him saying that phrase!