Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Did you know?

Did you have that "feeling" that you were having a girl or a boy?
Did you just know?
Some days I call it him. Some days I find myselfing saying her.

My first baby dream was that it was a boy and I thought I knew!
Then I had a girl dream.
And no, it's not twins, so I know it's not one of each.

So basically I'm clueless.

Also, I have read several different things about when you can find out. Some sites say 14 weeks, some say 18 and others say 20. What?!?!!? What's the truth?


Christy said...

Well while we were waiting to adopt I had a dream we were getting a boy and it was a beautiful baby girl instead so I'm no expert but either way the surprise ending is so fun! :)

The Fenner's said...

I found out at 12 weeks, that they " thought" it was a boy!! Boys are much easier to see, because well.. every baby has something between their legs in the beginning, it just goes away in girls! But I think it depends on when you get Ultrasounds. I found out without a doubt at 16 weeks that Dylan was Dylan!:) But no one will guarantee anything until at least 16 weeks I think( at least my ob wouldn't!)