Friday, March 5, 2010

Nothing Bundt Cakes

I have the best husband in the world. I get home from school at around 3:00 on Fridays. Other days I stay until all different hours, but on Fridays I jet. Today I came home and took a fat nap! Yeah! Ross got me up when he got home. He was all excited and said that he had a present for me. Again, yeah! He had heard about Nothing Bundt Cakes today, thought I'd like it and brought home two precious little bundt cakes for us to share!! They were AMAZING...and so stinkin cute!! The best part is that I am obsessed with cute little sweets like Sprinkles cupcakes, which is all the way in Dallas so I get it rarely. But now, I have an equal obsession on our side of town!!! YEAH!!! Thanks, Ross!

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Christy said...

Thats a fun treat to wake up to. :)