Monday, March 22, 2010

Never. Been. So. Tired.

And wow! People sure were noticing the belly today!

We had an ultrasound on March 16. It was just a normal bi-weekly one, so Ross didn't take off of work (we are in ultra-vacation-days-savings mode for when the baby comes) but my mom and sister were there!! The little guy or girl was moving around like crazy!! The picture wasn't very good but the bean looked like a real head and body and it just kept squirming! It was exciting :)

We have our big "end of 1st trimester" one on April 14! It is supposed to last a long time and the dr will analyze the brain and spine to check for all neural tube defects...or something like that. I can't believe that it will be that in depth!! Hopefully we can actually see its arms and legs this time. And I'm super excited for Ross to see it move....can't wait!

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Leslie said...

oh Kac that is exciting.. it was that one.. the tech told us she would almost guarrantee was a boy... so your getting close.. with both kids I found out there genders at 12-14 weeks..crazy but true... just saying.. :)