Sunday, March 28, 2010

**Pimpin Momma Car** (Love. It.)

Since high school, Ross has told me, "Babe, one day I'm going to buy you a pimpin momma car." Well, yesterday he made good on that promise! We got a red *yikes* Ford Edge from Grapevine Ford. I never, ever, ever thought I'd have a red car but I love it! It's so cute! Plus, of course, it offers the best in safety for our little bean, which was the entire point of buying a new car. He keeps making me call it "my" car but that makes me feel weird since we are married and all..... We traded in our Honda Element (you can see it behind me in the pic) and will keep our Toyota Camry. Ross will use the Camry as his commuter vehicle and I'll have the Edge for the Momma Car! I can't believe he bought me a car!! Thanks babe!!

(I got this picture off the's not our actual car)

**Side note: God is good. We came home from buying the car and I got online to transfer $ from savings to checking for the down payment. Our tax refund had come in that day. Incredible timing, Lord!

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