Monday, March 12, 2012

16 months

As of 16 months...

C knows...

He says- ball, dog, cat, that, no, wow, uh oh, more, up, night-night, bye-bye, imitates lots of words we say

Animal sounds- cow, monkey, dog, sheep, car noise

Understands commands-
bring me the...monkey, ball, book, shoe, dolphin, brush, bear, dog, cup, toy, bus
wipe your mouth/face
Go to, high chair, your room, playroom
Sit down
Give me your foot
wash your hair
Brush your hair
Brush your teeth
Close the door
Turn the page
Can I have a hug/kiss

Can identify- cat, plane, train, nose, ear, mouth, eye, belly button, baby, Bubba, feet

Helps you get him dressed. Lifts arms and legs etc.

Has mastery of using a fork and is working on using a spoon.

Recognizes all phone calls as dada.

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Christy said...

Oh what a sweet little photo at the end there. :) He is so cute.