Thursday, March 22, 2012


Here's the rundown. I'm being all domestic putting 20 lbs of chicken into individual sized ziploc baggies to freeze because I hit a great sale.(aka: I'm feeling pretty good about myself.)

Carson is playing in the playroom, just adjacent to the kitchen.

I get a wave of mommy intuition imposed you-better-go-check-on-baby.

And....he is chewing on a screw. YEP, A SCREW! A BIG FAT CHOKABLE SCREW! It had fallen out of the latch on the toy box and he was just-a chompin away! Talk about giving me a heart attack. Luckily he took it out of his mouth and handed it to me like, "look what I found!" I didn't even have time to reach for it...He was so proud to show me his treasure. Well, so much for the feeling good about myself thing! I have been shaken up all morning! You know, you think that your house is safe and that you have done all that you can to protect the little one. Guess not! Now I'm thinking about super gluing all screws into their place!

I'm usually a super calm, go with the flow, don't freak out about things in the mouth type of momma....But wowzer. Not this time....I don't think that he could have passed this on his own.

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Christy said...

Ack! Don't you hate when something unnerves you like that? I have had days like that with my kids and I swear the anxiety of what could have happened haunts me into the night. Parenting is stressful! I'm glad you handed over his new found treasure to you and he is OK. :)