Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Have patience

There was a song that my mom used to sing to us all of the time when we were growing up. When we got a little older, she would only have to sing the first few words. And when we were teenagers, we would just roll our eyes and ignore it. But now, as a momma myself, I find myself singing the once annoying song to my son...further proving to me that my mom was (and is) always right. *sigh*

I sing the song to Carson when he needs to be patient, like when he's squirming on the changing table or squealing in his high chair waiting for food. At this point, I'm sure that it's just more of a distraction technique but hopefully it will grow into something that he learns from down the line....or heck, maybe even sings to his eye rolling teenagers one day.

It goes like this...

Have patience,
Have patience,
Don't be in such a hurry,
When you get impatient,
You only start to worry,
That God is patient too,
And think of all the times when others had to wait on you.

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