Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tic, tic, tic, tic....Let the countdown begin

Yesterday we had our 36(ish) week appointment. Here's what we learned.

-We set a date!!!!! Baby Whigham is scheduled to arrive on Oct. 13, if we make it that far. Those were the doctor's words.

-I am already 2 cm dilated!

-I will go back every week for a check-up and if I'm at 3 or 4, they will send me straight to labor and delivery! Yeah!

-The baby currently weighs 6 lbs 8 oz. His growth has slowed down since the beginning (yeah!) and he is now on the more normal-size part of the curve. She's not at all concerned about his growth. She said that some babies have their growth spurt at the beginning and others towards the end. We fell into the first category, big time. They expect that he will gain one more pound before birth...perfect size!

-He has dropped. She felt his head. It freaked me out.

-I have gained 25 lbs. I don't know how I feel about this.

-Warning: This part is gross. I started bleeding a little bit last night. I called the doctor this morning. Turns out my mucus plug came out. Gross, I know. It's just one more step on the way to baby! And, it means that I need to take it easy.


Leslie said...

oh Kacie.. your close.
I doubt you'll make it that far....

maybe but I wouldn't put my money on it.

we should have a phone chat.. before D Day.

The Fenner's said...

just FYI, Mucus plugs can regenerate!:) I hope you don't have much longer, but also don't set yourself up for disappointment if you go to 40 weeks!:) Good luck, can't wait to find out a name and see pictures!